When I first downloaded this mix from DJ Sliink I was a little bit peeved to see all the tracks broken up into individual songs, normally I like mixes as one track to run straight thru beginning to end.  But as I listened I began to understand this is a true DJ mix made for DJs not only to hear the latest stuff, but to use when they play out.  Featuring many of his own remixes Sliink demonstrates why he is at the forefront of the Jersey Club sound.  I was fortunate enough to catch Sliink playing with a bunch of the Brick Bandit Crew at the Thread party in Newark (New Jersey) a couple weeks ago, it was amazing.  To really understand Trap music you must see it in action, booty, trees, liqs, kids passed out, lol, all that…  I was late for work the next day.

As far as I know “Club Popozuda” is London’s preeminent Tropical/Bailé/Global Bass party.  Their mixtape series is stacked with great DJs and producers from different corners of the Global Bass scene.  For this episode the mysterious “alter-ego of a very well known DJ and respected promoter” Flashing Lights,  has put together a nice, tight set.  The mix adeptly dances around the edge of Funky House, Tropical, a tiny bit of Trap and finishing with some Juke.   The whole joint is tight but for me the dopest part of this is the Juke stuff at the end, don’t sleep.


The last one here is from a 3 man German crew known as ‘crowdkrushers’.  It’s nice mix to zone out, lots of heavy bass and funky twerks.  I would call most of this stuff Future Bass, but there are elements of 2-step, tropical, broken beat, all that… These guys are definitely doing their homework digging up a ton of dope lesser known artists and tracks.  I am excited to play with one of them in Fuuuuulda, Germany in just 2 weeks!!!   See you Krauts soon!


yeah yeah, i am 2 days away from rocking a month of gigs in the old world, germany, poland, portugal, all dat.  if you want to keep up with the kid i’m on instagram & twitter @daTrixta



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