Credit : Biutiful, film from Alejandro González Iñárritu.


Yes biutiful like Iñárritu‘s movie. Biutiful like the passing metro-cars, the blue sky and fading lights of Barcelona. Biutiful in its complexity and sometimes outrageous elaboration, stumbling upon its exagerated sadness.



Amazing work from Sango, using Baile funk loops and mixing them to his airy trap style. We can easily imagine ourselves on the top a roof somewhere in the favela. The heat is sweltering, the sky has the purest blue shade, there is something angry that comes from the street mixed with a feeling of absolute liberty.

The name Da Rocinha simply means, in Brazilian Portuguese, “Of Rocinha”. Rocinha is one of the most popular favelas in Brazil, which is located in Rio De Janeiro. Rocinha pretty much birth the baile funk sound and what I want to show is how Rocinha influenced me.” -Sango

You can download Sango – Da Rocinha in high quality Flac for free if you wish.

Sango – Da Rocinha | Outtakes + Remixes


Brian Lewis Smith

… is an American music maker composing for Slip Silo and Koplant No. His remix track couldn’t go unnoticed.

Slip Silo (Brian Lewis Smith) – Birds (remix)


Drew Morton

The original track was composed by Drew Morton who also worked on a nice piece of music called Blade runners Titles. Very downtempo with a deep long running bassline.

Blade Runner Titles by Drew Morton


Sun Glitters

Music producer from Luxemburg who actually has an international career as he played a few times in NYC and collaborated with Steffaloo or Bermuda Bonnie from the States. His music can be defined as a bridge between downtempo and “wonky beats.”

Sun Glitters has released quite a few albums, Eps and remixes, you’ll have a lot to enjoy.

Sun Glitters –  “High”

Every time i listen to that track i have the feeling that there’s a direct connection to my soul.

The album Sun Glitters Being Remixed (which is actually a comp of most of the remixes) is just amazing you’ll actually find not only the work of Sumsun but a few other wonderful tracks. You can download it on Bandcamp and pay whatever you want.


Sun Glitters – The Wind Caresses Her Hair (Faded Remix By Discuss)

Sun Glitters – Beside Me (Essáy’s Calm Interpretation)



… is a duo composed of West Palm Beacher and Judson Rogers . Their music can be defined as a blend of 80’s beats, a sweet mellow bassline that gives a feeling of intimacy. They worked on a remix of Sun Glitters, “They Don’t Want to Let You Know (Sumsun Remix)” which is just breath-taking. Starting with chimering sounds it slowly takes a deep tropical flavour blended with something that reminds of  soundtracks from great series from the 90’s.

Listen&download for free :

Sun Glitters, “They Don’t Want to Let You Know (Sumsun Remix)”


In 2010 they released the album Samo Milagro on Leaving Records.

Wind Stone – Sumsun from the album Samo Milagro


Haleek Maul

Very young Mc from Brooklyn, known for having released a track (“Fraulein”) while he was still in highschool, he has this amazing style that you can’t ignore. His collab with Supreme Cuts is outstanding. The crackling and dusty-vinyl music is a perfect match for Haleek’s voice.

Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul – M00N


Haleek Maul unofficial freestyle Ulrik (Prod. Clams Casino)


3421 Haifa

And to finish this amazing track from Israeli duo 3421 Haifa. I was speechless after listening to the track Sparks, the vocals, the beats… I could actually tell you more about this band but i let you find by yourself if you don’t mind !

3421 Haifa – Sparks

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