Our dude, Dub Gabriel is one of the OG Dub Dons and we have nothing but luv & respect for this dude, please help support him with this campaign.

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Listen to some excerpts from this amazing album:

3 Years in the making! Now that Dub Gabriel’s album is done, we need your support in bringing it to the world!

Dub Gabriel returns with his 4th studio album! Three years in the making and spanning multiple continents, Dub Gabriel has been on an epic bass-fueled journey, which saw him enlist the support of an incredible crew of collaborators to create the cross-cultural juggernaut that is Raggabass Resistance!

About The Album

Combining his driving signature beats with live strings, guitars and synths, and mixed ‘n dubbed through an arsenal of vintage analog gear – Dub Gabriel created the bass-driven foundation for some of the most respected figures in reggae and electronic music to step up to the plate: U-Roy, Warrior Queen, The Spaceape (Kode9/Burial), Brother Culture (On-U/Mungo’s Hi Fi), Jahdan Blakkamoore (Major Lazer), Dr. Israel, MC Zulu, Juakali, PJ Higgins (Temple of Sound), David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets), Pedro Erazo (Gogol Bordelo), and Mark Pistel (Hercules & Love Affair) – they all blaze with a burning fire to create an album of epic proportions!

Dub Gabriel On The New Album:

“With the new album I feel I have finally achieved the future-organic sound that I have been striving for my whole life. In an age where music has become disposable, I set out to create an album that will hopefully stand the test of time and still feel relevant for years to come – just like the classic albums I fell in love with as a youth. When I listen to albums like Burning Spear’s “Marcus Garvey” or Bunny Wailer’s “Black Heart Man”, these are albums you play from beginning to end, flowing effortlessly from one great song to next only to be interrupted by a quick flip of the vinyl. It is records like these, records that embody the ideals, the struggles and the enlightenments of musicians speaking their truths that inspired me to set out and make the most dedicated reggae album of my career. I wanted to honor what I fell in love with when I first discovered this music but to call this a traditional reggae album would be a far stretch – I am fully at the controls and I give it my own voice to push it into the future to create a sound that I like to call RAGGABASS!”

Where Your Support Comes In

By now you get that the album is DONE. It’s almost 2013 and shopping around for labels to get a record out is no longer the only game in town – especially when we can go directly to the source, i.e. YOU! So in the true spirit of DIY that Dub Gabriel has always embodied, we now need your support in putting together all the finishing touches that go into making this an incredible package for all of you heads out there:

Mastering: The album will be mastered for both digital and vinyl by the legendary Kevin Metcalfe at The Soundmasters in the UK. Kevin has mastered records for everyone from King Tubby to Brian Eno to The Clash, and once Dub Gabriel realized Kevin had mastered half the albums in his collection, he knew he was the only guy for the job! You can check a partial list of his credits HERE

Artwork: For those of you already familiar with Dub Gabriel’s past 3 album releases, you will know that the artwork is always killer!!! What you may not know is that the man behind the art is Arnold Steiner. We fully intend to keep the legacy going and with an album titled “Raggasbass Resistance” you know it’s going to be serious, with a full vinyl packaging treatment (yes, liner notes too!) and hi-res downloads for any of you who opt for the digital version of the album.

Vinyl: Okay, so this is the big one and where a large chunk of your support will be going. We are vinyl heads to the core and it has been amazing to watch its resurgence over the past few years. This will be the first full-length Dub Gabriel release to get the wax treatment and instead of giving you all the specs up front, just know that we have something special in store for you. Limited Edition is the name of the game here so don’t sleep on this one!

Promo: You may ask why we need to spend money on promo when you already know about the album? Well, with all the effort that has gone into making this album great we need to do it justice and bring in the pros to get the word out as far and wide as we can. If we hit our goal we will be able to hire a publicist and put together a great PR campaign but, the more money we raise with your support, the more we can do. If we end up raising considerably more than our goal, we even have plans for a music video and also some other cool ideas that we know you will like. The bottom line is that the more people who know about the album, the easier it will be for Dub Gabriel to play live at a club/fest/underground party near you!

And Yes, We Do Have T-Shirts!

This will be your only chance to get this Limited Edition “Raggabass Resistance” T-Shirt. Printed on organic cotton with a great old school vibe to them, these shirts will make you happy. You can check the spec on the T’s HERE. How will we know what size to send you? Well, once the Kickstarter is closed we will be reaching out to you to ask you what you want

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