Wrestlers In Da Place!

‘Cause Moombahton, Latin Tropical Bass has always come surrounded by their pantheon of Gods, semi-gods, supernatural wrestler-heroes i thought it’d be appropriate to mention those who have become part of our modern mythology – and yes even the effect is very subtle – i believe that it’s not a coincidence if we now have become keen or least accustomed to the world of Luchadores and have assimilated them to the rebirth of latin music, bridging the gap between old popular culture and modernity.

I’m not going to go through the history of lucha libre – that’d be an insult to the people who really know. I’m just going to present a few works that have been strongly inspired by the culture. They are worth for many reasons : first because they are real good, second because they actually were made by people who are quite remote to that culture and that have tried to apprehend it in their own way.

Masaaki Yuasa’s “Kick-Heart”

Is an amazing project from Production I.G that might be better known as the studio which produced the film adaptation of Ghost in the Shell – Mamoru Oshii the director of that movie is in fact a consultant on this new project. The pitch of the story is about a pro-wrestler and a nun who both have a shameful secret to hide. Not more for the moment but as you can see the project is presented via Kickstarter meaning that you can help financially the producers cause as the young guy on the video says :

And also because you’ll get loads of exclusive goodies that will certainly impress your cuttie girlfriend and might even have you end up at third base. No i didn’t mean what you think ’cause that’s sexist and i’m not sexist, i just try to show-off with my baseball vocabulary.

Watch the whole thing about the Kickstarter project Here.

Captain Mexico

The second video is also quite unconventional as it is the first short of Gerald Parel French cartoonist – the man is also a big fan of Masters of the Universe and i strongly suggest you check his work parodying some of the most famous album covers.

In his cartoon the man has tried to present a vintage pseudo-latin hero. Some kind of funny Macho-man having to deal with angry girls.
The fun also lies into the names of each position or « trick » used, none seem to be good and that actually stresses the cheap 70′s flavour.