The dark side of cumbia has returned to Generation Bass. After a successful and interesting special Halloween edition last year I had to do it again and this year had to be bigger. I’m happy to say that this year it is bigger, much bigger, darker, wilder and a hell of a lot more evil.

I’m a sucker for Halloween to be honest. It’s funny though as I get older I noticed some changes within myself in dealing with this time of year. When I was a child it was the greatest of all times because of my infatuation with horror and the dark side. As a teenager the same infatuation was there but add debauchery and rebellious behavior. In my twenties it was about finding the craziest parties and events to go to (And they were some of the wildest, weirdest parties too). Now in my thirties I find myself reverting to my childhood feeling. I like to celebrate this time of year for the next generation to make sure they have it as good as I did. Most of all this is the holiday that makes more sense to me personally. I despise Christmas and that whole awful season for too many reasons to list here. Every year my hatred of the Christmas season grows. I hope one day I can make peace with it. But for me Halloween marks the end of the good times and the beginning of the annoying times. Besides this I like to laugh at the things that we fear. Mortality, our susceptibility to hallucinations and delusions, the things we don’t understand, the things we can’t explain but take leaps of faith on explaining, these are the things I like to laugh in the face of and this time of year seems suitable.

Maybe I’m just dark. I don’t know. One thing I notice though is that this holiday is losing steam here in the USA. I think mostly due to our failing economy and a bit of the massive Christian Right that loves to meddle in our politics and scientific advancement. So for me it is important to be able to contribute to the holiday, and I do what I can.

The darkness infected several cumbieros this year and even some moombah-heads. Without further ado let’s dig right in.

Appearing with his first Halloween track here is the always-intense Reptilian Commander. This track he came up with is really wild, tapping into cumbia, trap, drumstep and moombahton. It’s creepy and dark yet fun.

This next one is a special treat. La MiniTK represents the dark side of tropical music. I have been a die-hard fan of this Colombian group immediately after I first heard them earlier this year. The special part besides their unique innovative sound is that this is a promo of a single from their upcoming album “Muerte y Sabrosura” out on November 3rd.

Also here is an older track from MiniTK perfect for this post.

G.RabbitDirtyRedEyes came to the Halloween party this year with his relaxed track.

Timed perfectly for this Halloween edition is Hanna Shinohara and Brujjas Deejay’s track “Zombie Dancing” from their awesome album “Maestros de Ceremonia.” Not only is the track perfect, the album is one of my favorite releases this year.

My good friend Cybernetiko is always experimenting successfully with future cumbia sounds. His Halloween track is creepy and beautiful at the same time.

Will Eede takes us to a deep dark forest with his deep track “Poison Frog.”

Will still takes us deeper into the heart of the forest with “Spellbound Heart.”

Picking up the energy just a bit we head over to 4:20 Music Flavor’s bizarre world of mashing and mixing with his first of two Halloween horror tracks. This is a perfect blend of dark insanity.

Bringing up the energy a little bit more, 4:20 Music Flavor experiments with insanity again with a different approach.

Siete Catorce (evil twin of the evil Den5hion) dove deep into his inner darkness and found this lurking there.

Armonicacida reveals his evil side with this very unique cumbia track he sent me.

Albert DJ Style is here with my favorite La Sonora Dinamita track “Las Brujas.”

Good timing also comes for DJ Broken Record for his one-year anniversary of his opus “Cumbiahtonical EP.” He teemed up with his friend, pianist Marisa Mancillas for his contribution to this Halloween edition.

It’s not Halloween without Spike Devil Disco. Even though he didn’t submit anything this year I still feel his mix featuring his devilish dark side fits perfectly.

Speaking of the Devil here is my simple little tribute to a classic.

DJ Mix-I-Can while being sick in bed with the flu this weekend managed to send me his moombahton Halloween mix from 2011. It’s a perfect mix to feature here.

Keeping with the moombahton vibes Byutiful dropped this dope X-Files remix for the Halloween season.

Last up on the moombahton train is a new Halloween themed mix that hits really hard from BayceMint.

Returning to more the more cumbia style of things, I bring you the don, Don Juan Pachanga’s Las Mujeres Vampiro “El Santo” inspired cumbiahton contribution.

To finally bring this evil debauchery to an end we have Matthew Mansfield showing off his dark side of cumbia-dub.

Another excellent Halloween edition if I do say so myself. Thanks to everyone who contributed and promoted this post! There is still time to take these tracks to the Halloween parties so get on it!


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