“What is this?” My you ask my dear readers. “A second Sexxy Saturday Cumbia post on the same Saturday?” Well, yes that is exactly what it is. This is a first I admit but I found it to be completely impossible for me to just have one post all about Halloween when there were so many brilliant tracks uploaded this week.

I wouldn’t dare hold onto to all of these incredible tracks until next week. Therefore I felt it to be quite necessary to write and put together another normal SSC for those who want to hear something more. No theme goes along with this here post, except if you believe brilliance is a good theme. Then that is what it is. This post’s theme is cumbia brilliance.

I dare not miss posting one of Jack Posada’s consistently awesome cumbia mixes. In the past I have featured his other Cumbiambero Loco mixes. Here is his latest installement.

María & José has been somewhat quiet on the Internet these past three months or so. He returns with his new ruidoson-tribal tune.

A hot new video has been released by Oaxacan based La China Sonidera. I recently fell in love with their chill sound.

Two mixtapes came out this week that you simply must get into when you can. First up from Paris-based Pedrolito with his eclectic mix.

Followed by DRCrck, someone I haven’t posted about in quite some time.

Andean Illicit took an already deep Bob Marley track and took it deeper.

Yyamil came out with this pretty dope Indian cumbia fusion. It’s straightforward and really cool.

This cumbia-dub really came out beautifully by DJ Pase and Eliazz.

DJ Neber really did a number on this one, featuring a great and misleading intro.

Not stopping there, this is an equally dope DJ Neber chicha fusion with hip hop beats and vinyl scratches.

Also here is his latest dopeness (I can’t wait for Skyfall).

El Lobby Sound has been keeping them coming lately. Here is his newest masterpiece.

Albert DJ Style has been experimenting a lot with La Sonora Dinamita tracks lately. I can honestly say he’s doing them justice.

Ever wonder how Qechuaboi works with his Electribe’s live? I have a perfect video to quench your curiosity while making you embrace his music even more.

Qechuaboi Live! – “Nunca fuí al Love Parade” from qechuaboi on Vimeo.

Cumbia Cosmonauts, the cumbieros from down under, along with Chusma Records, released this cool little promo for their soon to be released album “Tropical Bass Station” due out the 23rd of November.

For the champeta lovers out there, here is a dope mix from the deep cumbia boy Dany F!

Another beautiful transnational cumbia comes from my good friend Piper Street Sound (Matthew Mansfield).

La Estereofonica needed a good edit. Sonido Bestial is such a beast to make it happen.

Another heavy hitter in the Pa Changas collective is Enrikisimo Deejay. This new one from him is very awesome and psychedelic.

If you’re looking for a relaxed cumbia mixtape then this one will surely take care of you.

New on the Caballito scene is Luci Fuerza. The song here is called El Pich and it is something really unique.

Kinky Electric Noise took the classic Moby track “Why Does My Heart” to a cumbia level with his masterful edit.

Snow Balderas returns with a banger of a new cumbia mashup.

This next track needs more love than it has been getting. It’s a really cool piece from Orihuela MSS.

Rafael Aragon does it again. He takes something already really good and brings it into his own unique world. This time he took his friend and fellow Generation Bass writer, Indian Jone’s track into his laboratory.

Chicha-cumbiahton is where Alejandro Cassis’s head is. You simply must download this track.

I’m a little late to posting BomBomBom’s new Colombian-based mix. A perfect 40 minutes if you ask me.

Yeah [email protected] is always dope. Here he takes a reggaeton classic into the realm of cumbia by mashing it with Albert DJ Style.

Well I’m very glad I was able to manage to put up these tracks for this Saturday. Otherwise if my decision was not to then I’d be haunted with that poor decision all week and be faced with too massive a post next weekend.

I hope you got your fix of cumbias here this weekend!


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