KING Munchi!!

Why KING, cause he is a King amongst a bunch of shark-infested peasants who sell their souls for less than a dime!

A true innovator of our times in the Dance Music Scene = EDM – Everybody Digs Munchi!

The dude is still as broke as F**k and surely man, that can’t be right!

This is a great little insight into his future plans for 2013 and he also speaks about the infamous Azealia Banks spat.

For all our sakes, we hope Munchi gets his label up and running asap and makes it a huge success,so he can rule the roost just like he deserves to and knock some of the fakers out of the equation!

It’s really all about “Intent” and we feel Munchi’s intent is pure and real, we just hope he can deliver upon that without selling his soul!

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