Velma Kelly (Jay Fay Remix) – LuvTrap!

As you all know I rarely post any trap, there’s not many producers who can convert me to like it enough to post about it but Jay Fay is one of them and this is a great remix, kinda like what I would call “LuvTrvP”

You might recall we released an EP by Jay Fay earlier this year and were instrumental in shining some big light on him and he’s yet another one of the young producers who started life with Generation Bass who has gone onto bigger things and also yet another nabbed by one of America’s leading labels, Diplo’s Mad Decent who have a habit of raiding some of our young stars and giving them greater exposure!

Damn shame we don’t get introduction fees from…!

Cloud Diggin’ : luxury, peace (not really) and pleasure.

Cloud by Caitlind r.c Brown


I was again lost in the sea of sounds – which is not always sound -, not sure about what i’d find, but then…


Maria Gadú – Axé Acapella (Rafael Baska Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”?” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”false” /]
I chose this song because the lyrics have a very profound and important meaning to themselves, they’re about the reality of the Brazilian people. I really can identify with it’s message, so I finally decided to do a remix of it. Since I didn’t have all of the singing a capella, I tried to replace the missing parts with melodies and percussion, always looking out not to lose the original smoothness of the song.” Rafael Baska.

Rafael is a Dj from Brazil, based in Germany since 2009, part and parcel of the Mash It Up! party and dj for the Akua Naru & Digflo band. Since two years he’s also been getting more into producing music, focussing on production itself and mixing organic music with electronic elements.

His remix of Axé Acapella of Maria Gadú has this deep housy feeling, craftily arranged with beautiful percussions in the back and sweet jazzy stabs.


Boogaloo – It’s Not OK But Alright

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This track was started on the day Whitney passed away, so we had this one going around for months…and now, well now, it’s time to unleash our original idea based on the “it’s not right but it’s ok” song! Much Love RIP!

Boogaloo guys are real good. They can start a track in a very simple manner, making it sound like a nice sweet housy tune but will always find the way to surprise us by including disonances, light congas on sides, sort of goodies to collect and increase your delight.


Stevie Wonder – Superstition (The Flexican & SirOJ Moom Remix)

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That remix of an immortal classic should easily find its way to your decks and be one of the future gems of Moombahsoul Djs’ mixtapes !



[soundcloud url=”″ params=”?” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”false” /]

Melo-X who recently worked with Jesse Boykins III onto the production of the great Zulu Guru album on Ninja Tunes label also released this wonderful remix of Yuna‘s track Live your life.


Obeyah made a pretty interesting work on this Wacka Flocka track preserving the original aggressivity and this mysterious from out of space synth. The addition of a discreet but very enthralling drumbeat gives a nice push to the song.

Waka Flocka – Grove St Party (Obeyah Kuduro Juke RMX)
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”?” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”false” /]
Dead Clouds by Andreas Kauppi
Life Happens by Ester Rada

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Superb project by Israeli-Ethiopian singer produced by Sabbo & Kutiman (no less !)

Beyond the song supported by the strong voice of Ester Rada, we find many great references to ethiopian jazz (Mahmoud Ahmed – tell me i’m wrong), psychedelic pop, in fact every event in the track is a journey from one genre to another. You can get the full EP here for cheap price and in high quality format.

Kulun mankwalèsh by Mahmoud Ahmed


Well, yes i couldn’t resist. The remix is already fairly known, but it’s just that personally it’s exactly the image i have of that mythical America – whatever the reality is -, a world made by solitary travellers in melancholic open air sceneries sometimes crossing the path of others like them as the lines of the palm of a hand.

Lifeline by Citizen Cope

The original track was released almost two years ago on the album The Rainwater LP.

And the remix, strong, aggressive and at the same time subtle enough not to spoil the original ambience.

Citizen Cope – Lifeline (Figure Remix)

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Ok and this… is… exceptional ! Wonderful, amazing, superb, more beautiful than yo’ girlfriend (no ok, it’s not, ok)

Cumba Mela and Nickodemus have thrown a new party in NYC called BomBeat. To celebrate this they’ve released a this great 6-track EP, a masterpiece ! The EP is rich of multiple influences, you can feel the heat, the joy, the melancholy, the dust beaten by dancing feet.

Pa Lo Monte – Anaisa (Atropolis Remix) from BomBeat EP

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”?” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”false” /]

“Bayalibuza” (Thornato Remix) from BomBeat EP

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”?” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”false” /]

Jeremy Sole’s Musaics “Skalypso Vamp” (Nickodemus Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”?” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”false” /]

The Ep is for free, you’d be silly not to get it ! Just follow the links !




Funk Ostentation

The paulista funk culture is now in a video documentary.

The funk carioca and spread around the world when he landed in Sao Paulo, took on a new format. The format about ostentation, talk about brands, cars, labels, gold, womans and a lot of money. São Paulo is one of more rich cities of Brazil, and maybe for that reason, the funkeiros sing what they want and what they have.

Or because the economy of Brazil is growing up so fast, that is possible to a guy in first job, buy a new glass of R$1.000,00 of Oakley.

We don’t know, but we have this video with english subtitles to show this scene to world! You can see this, as second part of Favela on Blast, but now from São Paulo not from Rio de Janeiro.

Ostentation Funk – The Movie (English subtitles) from Funk Ostentação on Vimeo.


There is also, the SoundTrack of documentary:


Isn’t the first that we spoke about the scene of Funk Paulista, check this if is your first time about this topic.

Drvg Cvltvre – Frost (digi -single) out on 3rd December

“Frost” – This is a tune that was made for the Football/Soccer Stadiums of the world! – UMB

Generation Bass’ first SINGLE coming out on next Monday December 3rd!

We at have been pushing the melancholic sound of modern music for some time now. Moombahluv, luvstep and all other things luv have always ranked high on our blog and our priority list. Trying to make the world a better place through music, that sorta thing. The next step is to dedicate a generation bass digital release to one of the finest tracks we’ve heard in this genre that Drvg Cvltvre himself calls Doomdisco. Generation bass has been posting a lot of material by this producer, one of those guys that creates so much awesome music that it’s hard to keep up.

Getting massive acclaim for his recent 12” on the legendary Viewlexx label and an album on his own Snug Life Records, Drvg Cvltvre’s rise to fame has been steady for the last couple of years. His edit series was highlighted by blogs like Xlr8r, Factmag and of course Generation Bass. We couldn’t wait to do something special with this guy.

For our label he drops a two headed monster! Side a, for vinyl purists, is a tune called FROST, which redirects your feelings right back to the golden age of jingly melancholic guitar driven pop of the late ‘80s like Echo & The Bunnymen, The Mission, The Chills and The House of Love. Driven by a shitload of percussion this tune leads up to an epic break which will bring tears to your eyes while your dancing your socks of. This is a tune that was made for the Football/Soccer Stadiums of the world! The track is kind of trancy and repetitive, but also slowly evolving and organic. The flip is a tune called GOODBYE COOLBOY, which has a deep 303 acid line and some very old school jackin’ house vibes. A slow melody crawls into the track and then at a bit past the middle, Drvg Cvltvre flips the beat and accents the offbeat in a way that is extremely funky. Excellent percussion here as well with a hint of the tunes of legends like Paul Johnson and Mike Dunn. Great deep and slow doomy disco and deephouse with a percussive edge!

Grab this freebie until then:

Prince – Rock and Roll Love Affair (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

New Prince video for his new release, which sounds like something that could have been conjured up between 1999, Purple Rain and Around the World albums, my favourite Prince period!

Pretty awesome!

The fabulous amazing Prince is back !!!
Enjoy the Video of his brand new hit single “Rock and Roll Love Affair”
out now on Purple Music

Prince — Rock and Roll Love Affair
Written by Prince
Produced by Prince
Mixed by Jamie Lewis & Ben Muehlethaler at B-Note Entertainment
Mastered by Jamie Lewis at the “J” SunnyHill Switzerland
Published by NPG records / LC:29493
P 2012 Purple Music C 2012 NPG Records


Daniel Haaksman Presents Tecno Brega : Album of the Year!

As you know from my Cremoso mixtapes, I am an absolute sucker for TecnoBrega and we’ve been covering it ever since this blog began in 2009!

I gotta say I was surprised when Daniel Haaksman informed me about this compilation because I had no idea he shared a massive love for it, like we do!!! As far as I am aware, he never articulated it publicly at least, albeit, he has had a Cremoso remix on one of Joao Brasil’s releases in the past.

I am so glad that he decided to put this together as his knowledge of Brazilian music is rich given his Baile Funk background and his contacts in Brazil are influential too. Indeed, for me it was really Haaksman’s Baile Funk output on his Man Recordings label way back that got me into much of the Transnational Bass scene as we now call it. So he has been an original in this scene for quite some time.

This new compilation just blew me away, it is my album of this year by a long shot. It could not have been better timed either because 2012 has been the year of CHEESE!

From the emergence of Trap, which caused mass bandwagon jumping with loads of people losing their integrity, to the rise of so called “EDM” in America, which practically ethnically cleansed the rich UK, European and USA history of Electronic Dance Music.

2012 has been the year of CHEESE!

Ironically, both “EDM” and Trap have ended up being far more cheesier than the material on this compilation which sets out to be deliberately cheesy. In other words both have out-cheesed TecnoBrega but not in a good or great way.

TecnoBrega is cheese but it’s cheese that brings a smile to your face, that makes you want to flip out and go a bit nutz, it’s just deliciously camp but in such a good, good way! This compilation by Haaksman makes a point and that is great music, even with a deliberate cheese agenda, still sounds far more classier and underground than other stuff that tries to pretend to be classy or underground!

Each track is a gem and will bring a smile to your face and make you wish that there were regular TecnoBrega parties in the UK and Europe!

So many great things are on this compilation that it’s hard to single out any for individual praise, it’s just such a great collection and fantastic introduction to the greatness of TecnoBrega and Haaksman has done an incredible job in putting it all together!

You really need this in your life!

Check out the mini-mix to get a flava of the compilation:


1. João Brasil feat. Marina Gasolina “Funk Do Iphone”
2. Banda Uó “Faz Uó”
3. Major Lazer feat. Amber Coffmann “Get Free” (Bonde Do Rôle Remix) (G/A/S only)
4. DJ Waldo Squash “Melo Do Dedo”
5. Gang Do Eletro “Pith Bull”
6. Charque “Money” (Edu K Remix)
7. João Brasil “Metal Brega”
8. Daniel Haaksman “Kid Conga” (João Brasil Remix)
9. Gang Do Eletro “Diabinhos Digitais”
10. DJ Waldo Squash “Bass Melody”
11. Crookers “Soca Ali Baba” (João Brasil Remix)
12. Felipe Cordeiro “Fim De Festa”
13. Banda Uó “Chorei”
14. Daniel Haaksman “Berlin Brega”
15. João Brasil “Aguas” feat. Gaby Amarantos



Tecno Brega is Portuguese for “cheesy techno” and it’s the sound of the Amazon finally getting its hands on cheap technology. Cheesy by name and cheesy by nature this is the sound of a simple preset drum pattern and mid to high range synth lines being pushed to the max.

Brega can be seen as a further example of the musical possibilities emerging from the world’s developing areas, yet another third world peripheral music that is based on a rigid but at the same time ever-evolving structure. This is no underground phenomenon, it is popular music, reviled by the urbane sophisticates but designed to appeal to and move the maximum number of Saturday-night revellers.

“Daniel Haaksman Presents Tecno Brega” gives a thorough overview of what is happening to Tecno Brega at the moment, in Pará, Brazil and the rest of the world by including a range of the most cutting edge producers and artists working within this genre. The compilation kicks off with three heavyweight names together, Man’s own genius of mash-up João Brasil teaming up with ex-Bonde de Rolê Marina Gasolina and remixed by DJ Cremoso, a recent new kid on the block whose remixes have been shaking up the genre with his indie crossovers. Banda Uó have two tracks on the compilation, their namesake track showing off their signature style, while “Chorei” seems to be their attempt to get a song played on the Novella (soap opera) at nine o’clock, a sure-fire way to have a hit in Brazil. This strategy seems to have worked for Gaby Amarantos, now a household name in Brazil, who turns up here for the tasteful “Aguas de Março”, again with Man’s own Joao Brasil.

Banda Uó’s producer, DJ Gorky, this time working with Bonde de Rolê, turns out the joyous and uplifting remix of Major Lazer’s “Get Free”, Gorky again showing why he is the man most likely to move Brazil’s music scene forward with a stunning remix of an already great track.

No Brega compilation would be complete without contributions from Pará’s own DJ Waldo Squash, here weighing in with two contributions as well as his work with Gang do Eletro. Squash’s signature sound of wailing synths and juddering stop/starts are an important contribution to the development of Brega, and key track “Bass Melody” is a lesson in short sharp minimalism. Elsewhere on the compilation you can find him inventively adapting anything from Kraftwerk to “Popcorn”.

The João Brasil remix of Daniel Haaksman’s own “Kid Conga”is the track that introduced Brega to Europe and deserves inclusion for it’s pioneering spirit and for demonstrating the blueprint synth sounds and drum pattern. Elsewhere Edu K’s remix of charque’s version of “Money” is channelling Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Belgium techno, Pink Floyd have never sounded so good (and let’s face it, energetic), there’s life in the old dogs yet! Part of the new generation coming out of Belém, Felipe Cordeiro offers up the kitsch but charming “Fim de Festa” a track that nicely encapsulates that melancholy feeling at the end of the party, where the punters are leaving and there’s a few stragglers on the dancefloor, a great example of the traditional meeting the new.The disc finishes with compiler Haaksman’s own take on Brega with the aptly named “Berlin Brega”, for where else would a strangely kitsch sound from the most northern region of Brazil be adopted and accepted with such loving care.

Daniel Haaksman is a Berlin based producer, DJ and journalist. He is head-honcho at Man Recordings and is responsible for all the releases and productions that come out of Man HQ as well as his own releases and remixes. Last year’s “Rambazamba” by Haaksman spawned many cult dancefloor hits and exciting remixes by the likes of Chrissy Murderbot. Man’s catalogue is responsible for the introduction of Brazilian Baile funk into Europe is THE label for Tropical Bass currently coming out of the worldwide periferias. For other labels he has put together such genre-defining compilations as “Rio Baile Funk – Favela Booty Beats” (Essay 2004), “More favela Booty Beats” and “Dub Infusions 1989-1999”and “More Dub Infusions” for the Sonar Kollektiv.

P.S. Today man Recordings have the big, first Brega night outside of Brasil ever as above, if you’re in the area, you’d be a fool to miss it.

High Voltage Humans – Heated Hearts (Schlachthofbronx Remix)

Another great new remix from our favourite Bavarian dudes, Schlachthofbronx, which again demonstrates why they are on top of the “quality” pile and god only knows why they are not household names yet, surely that will happen soon!

Here they experiment with Indie guitars & vox alongside their trademark Ghetto Bass riddims, pure quality!