To be honest this is the first time I heard of Luci Fuerza, all thanks to the netlabel Caballito. Last weekend I posted one of the tracks (El Pich) off of Luci Fuerza’s first EP. I went back to explore the EP further by suggestion from my fellow Generation Bass writer Indian Jones who was showing much excitement over it. It was a good thing I did allow the EP to sink deeper into my psyche because I believe I posted a sort of “hit and run” with regards to it.

Luci Fuerza’s vocals, lyrics and musical composition comes from Luci Rapp (Gabrielle Ramos) with assistance in the over all production from Sonido Desconocido (Diego Ibañez). The EP is a magical combination of electronics and cumbia rhythms, mostly however focusing on the latter. Their image and name comes from a unique origin. The name is based on a past government electricity company in Mexico called “Luz y Fuerza del Centro.” The logo is always inspired by this despicable (I hate any centralized power) centralized public electricity company.

Upon giving Luci Fuerza a good fair listening to, I immediately downloaded it for free, which you can do as well. Also not to make anyone upset but I think this is the best Caballito release to date, it definitely is my favorite.

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