I’m really proud of my dude Elonious for doing this one, it’s just beautiful and shows the kinda pedigree that this young Artists is capable of achieving in time to come.

It’s kinda like a mix of Ennio Morricone and Michael Nyman but complete with a Balaeric sunrise vibe!

Perfect for a Generation Chill post and any post beach party sunrise set.

So continue to keep your eye on him as he develops into a very special artist indeed.

Here’s what Elonious says:

Maybe things didnt work out and you went your seperate ways, but you still remember the good times!!!!

this is a prequel to a huge remix i did for my home girl Geneva B, wich will be coming out for FREE very soon through both of our networks. i originaly wrote this song on the piano around the time i herd Geneva’s Love Sick song. i asked if i could remix it and realized the compositions blended really well. wanted to put up an arrangment of this that had no drums and was more of an organic instrumental than an electro banger, wich the Love Sick remix is and has some of the same elements that are in this.

Check out Geneva B here- geneva.b

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