Welcome to the first Sunday edition of SSC (the abbreviation still works well). I did it for the first time. I didn’t arrive on time with SSC. The good news is the world kept turning and the cumbia love seems to keep flowing.

This weekend has been busy here in Phoenix for all the Dia De Los Muertos events we mostly held off on until Friday (the real day was Thursday). With all the craziness I didn’t have enough time (but I did allow time to watch plenty of HULU) to sit down and write this post out. And here it is.

I tested out a lot of great nu cumbia tracks last night at one event and the crowd really took to it. I hope this wasn’t a fluke because normally Phoenix has been known to be a mainstream music scene. I have faith though because what is good is good and people will begin to realize it (if I push it on them enough). I’ll even take a few of these tracks out next week to test the crowd.

I thank my dear readers for your patience. Next time I will be more punctual with SSC and every time after that.

Let’s see what we have here this weekend.

I’m starting off with this dope global bass track from DJ Subversivo. Mixing in Andean sounds with electronics, this jam is unpredictable.

DJ Pase nailed it with his Damian Marley cumbia edit of “Welcome To Jamrock.” This song seems to always please the audience.

Our cumbiero prodigy Bleepolar uploaded another set of his. I love his mixes ever since his first live one. He has a great ear for music and mixing.

One of my favorite bands Alto Peru has been releasing some really cool new tunes lately. They are definitely more alive than ever.

El Mulato is producing his own take on cumbia dub and rebajada calling the style cumbia de terraza. His new tracks are coming out beautifully.

The alien keyboardist Reptilian Commander has been dominating Soundcloud these last few months. His style definitely comes from a synth-head mentality. This makes his sound perfect for me as I am too a synth-head.

4:20 Music Flavor prides himself on mixing mashups live without editing the track when he’s done. He likes his rough cuts because it makes the tracks feel more organic. Here is his mashup of Albert DJ Style and James Murphy.

Kumbia Queers, the always-enjoyable band, released their new album “Pecados Tropicales” on taringa.net. You can sample the tracks and purchase what you like here: PECADOS TROPICALES.

Man did Orihuela M.S.S nail it or what with this Daft Punk edit?! This one will definitely get the audience on your side.

DASH slktr took on Peruvian reggae/cumbia band La Inedita with an incredible remix.

This one is a real trip. A cumbia-step experimentation track by Alqosubbass. Tell me what you think.

The sweet cumbia – digitalness of this new track by Eliazz Tecla is quite intoxicating (it has the power to make you drunk!).

Piper Street Sound continues to be more and more innovative with every release. Featuring the awesome transnational band Dialect Trio, this is an alternate version of Piper Street Sounds track of the same name on the upcoming album. It really has a very unique sound to it.

Vetiver Bong’s tracks are really fun. He produces the coolest cumbia edits. People really dug his Bizzare Love Triangle edit last night. I went back to check up on his Soundcloud page to see if there was anything new. Much to my satisfaction there was something new to me, his Michael Jackson “Do You Remember” edit. It’s really a beautiful track. I know people really will dig this one a lot.

Two masters of darkness met up to make this “vs” track. Both friends and signed to the El Flying Monkey Records label, Black Mandingo and Brujjas Deejay tear it up with this banger.

Arun y la Cumbia has a beautifully music soul. We share a lot in common with our sounds. He produced this chilled out mixtape for the Cooliado label.

La Rebelde is a new band from Neuquén, Argentina. They have a really dope sound and flow so well together as musicians. I absolutely love their sound. Check out a few of their tracks here.

Last up is a whole set of Pachanguito’s “Remextizo.” It is an album full of remixes for a lot of well known producers and DJ’s. Have a listen to the set and enjoy. This really is a massive remix album.

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