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Meles Meles is proud to finally present our debut release; Our Final Expedition by Orquesta. We hope you enjoy it.

The concept of Our Final Expedition is the subject of Space and each song represents it’s title in some way. Provided below are descriptions of each of the tracks subjects so that you can understand their inspirations as you listen.

1. Una Supernova is the start. An appropriate one, as everything human-beings can see with our naked eye was released into the universe by means of a supernova, the death of a star.

2. Celestial is an image of planets and moons rotating around each other, constantly pushed apart by each others gravity. They are seemingly dancing with each other in the empty expanse of space.

3. Nibiru is the fictional planet heading for a collision with earth in the 21st century. The song aims to capture both the slow moving power of the advancing planet and the care free naivety of the human race.

4. The Lunar Maria (ft. Katie Kim) personifies the different oceans (marias) of the moon, singing in a serene choir. Harmonizing and representing the moons gravitational balance on the earth.

5. Carl Sagan‘s public character and mannerisms are roughly represented with this song. In this piece of music the bass is used to glimpse  the aspect of his character which is solid and substantial while the melody shows him as delicate and passionate. Constant, flowing and precise.

6. Apollo 1 is a soundtrack to the tragedy that lay at the start of NASA’s best known series of missions. The music takes the listener on a tour of the burnt out remains of the cockpit where 3 of the finest astronauts met their end.

Originally from a small town in the hills of northern England, Robin Perkins (El Buho) received a musical awakening on Glasgow’s sticky dancefloors and became obsessed with Latin American music during a year spent living in Buenos Aires. 

Currently living in Amsterdam, Perkin’s music is inspired by a fusion of folkore with electronica, organic and electronic, mixing samples with found sounds, synths with cut up vocals and booming subs. Direct inspiration comes from cumbia rhythms, folklore andino, deep, spacey electronic music (be it techno, rootsy dubstep or hip-hop etc.)

On The EP:

Y (which means water in Guarani and Tupi – two languages with indigenous roots still spoken in Paraguay and Brazil) was inspired by life in Amsterdam, a city surrounded by water (canals, rivers, constant raindrops), the very particular environment this creates and the way it influences life in the city. It is a homage to raindrops on rooftops, bike tires through puddles, the splashing of boats, ripples moving softly across the water and rivers trickling on. It sits somewhere between Autumnal grey skies and rivers falling down andean mountainsides.

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Here is the second Meles Meles release! It’s The Kokomo EP by Orquesta. The EP is centered around the title track, a cover of the Beach Boys 1989 hit song including vocals from Jape, Katie Kim and Kathi Burke.


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