Fellow Generation Bass blogger Funk na Caixa has been incredibly busy. When he’s not covering the hottest neo funk, baile funk and carioca from his home in São Paulo, he’s running a blog and production company of his own. Funk na Caixa wants to expand onto other genres involving the Brazilian music scene like technobrega mixed with trap and funk carioca.

The reason I decided to write about Funk na Caixa is because when I saw the new video Prostituto I enjoyed it greatly and contacted him myself asking for more information and if it was okay if I covered it. Prostituto is a new EP featuring vocalist Deize Tigrona that Funk na Caixa has produced and will be released on the 10th of November 2012. Deize had been sick earlier this year and lost out on a lot of gigs. She wanted to come back swinging hard and Funk na Caixa was there to help make it happen.

The single “Prostituto” is produced by Jaloo a well respected producer from Pará, Brazil. The video might look a bit familiar to many of you. It was inspired by Major Lazer’s video for “Pon De Floor,” with the false 3D look and bright colors. I can say video director Allyson Alanpet, aka Supercondesador, did an amazing job with it.

It’s a fun track with dirty meanings, but they go over my head because I can’t speak a lick of Portuguese and I’m guessing most of you can’t either (just guessing, so don’t get mad at me).

The EP will come with the original track and 2 remixes of Omulu and A-Wax. I will post an update with more samples when they become available.











After the Prostituto EP  Funk na Caixa will be release=ing a new pack of neo baile funk productions in the end of november and keep releasing tracks and neo funk productions into the future.

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