Often when I’m preparing to write a review, press release or article for a new album I get distracted by another one that I didn’t know was out there and just appears suddenly on one of the various sources that feed my musical desires. This is the case with Ric Piccolo with his release “Andres Massetti Reworks”.

What this remarkable EP contains is Ric Piccolo’s reworking of producer Andres Massetti recordings. Andres Massetti (new to me I must admit) was a producer of funky disco music in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. I can’t seem to find much, or rather any good information on him so I’m going along with Ric Piccolo and hoping I’m close to some sort of truth.

However don’t let my ignorance sway you away from this EP. Ric reworked four tracks and brought them into the late 20th century (nothing 21st century going on here). Resampling and editing these disco tracks into something different as far as I know at least, Ric regardless of what I don’t know, has a hell of an EP here. It’s all quite pleasant.

Dig in yourself here on Bandcamp from Diavol Records.


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