Ok, as you all know, my favourite DJ in the whole world is this mysterious character known as Cremoso (there might be 2 of them but let’s talk of him as one). This one man has the power to put the biggest & cheesiest non-stop grin on my face from the time his music starts to the time it ends!

The dude is a GENIUS!

I’ve paid homage to him many times in the past including a plea for someone to disclose his ID to me back in 2009/2010.  No-one came forward until this year and that’s all I’m gonna say about that..omerta….!

Anyways, Daniel Haaksman from Man Recordings sent me his new TecnoBrega compilation about a fortnight ago and it’s my album of 2012, it’s that bloody GREAT! His compilation inspired me to get back into some TecnoBrega again and I was going to do a TecnoBrega mix of some of the tracks from that album and some other TecnoBrega stuff that I’ve been accumulating but I thought best not spoil the surprise of the compilation until it comes out.

So I thought, yup, only 1 thing for it, I need to do a second volume of DJ Cremoso.  I initially did Volume 1 about 2 years ago in 2010 and so now 2 years later I deliver to you Volume 2, which is twice as nice.

Mix contains 100% Cremoso edits/remixes of pop/indie tracks done in a TecnoBrega style – Cheesy Tecno including music by Foo Fighters, The Ramones, Weezer, Keisha, Madonna, Queens of the Stone Age etc etc!

1cut/1take mix on Pioneer CDJ’s 1000 & DJM 600…recorded live on the fly and so a few hiccups here and there but f**k it, imperfection is actually a reality!

And for those of you who don’t know TecnoBrega:

Tecno brega or technobrega (Cheesy Techno) is a form of music from northern Brazil, particularly Belém. Music of the genre is created primarily through remixing and reworking songs from popular music and music from the eighties.  (wiki)

Here’s what DJ Cremoso says about it:

I think tecnobrega a musical style very crazy. I often say that it was forged by the lack of musical training of some people who had access to the tools of production. Sometimes a musician will prevent you from doing things that a lay person would. The culture of tecnobrega is the culture in which everyone can write / sing / produce / play. This is interesting from the point of view of the emergence of new ideas and new ways of making music. But it can be tiring when certain themes are recurrent or very much out of tune singers. In the latter case, it can be funny on first listen, but does not result in a further step forward, musically speaking.

It’s all a big joke. There is to “spoil” an original music remix because I will not become more popular than the original versions. And I really believe that the original artists prefer to hear a funny remix of someone translating their music to any content of double meaning and vulgar sing completely out of tune.



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