Image credit : the sound and the fury  by Marcia de Moraes


The Sound…

We lost sight of the shore and went to swim for new horizons… is a Mexican netlabel which has released its first love beat comp and it’s a delight.
5 tracks sweet like an ice-cream with floating synth layers and a heavy downtempo beat.

The tv channel regularly releases soft-ero videos of girls lazying under the sun, i’m sure some of you pervs will just be contemplating them for hours.
But don’t forget the essential is about music.


Ruta Panamericana del Sonido is back ! This beautiful musical project set as some kind of musical backpacking presents great artists from the Latin American Continent.

I’m sure you’ll spend some time listening and relistening again to that great remix by El Gato deejay and Caballo of Wendy Sulca‘s cover of Like a Virgin  !
Wendy Sulca- Like a Virgin ( El Gato deejay & Caballo rmx)

And don’t think that’s all ! Really guys ! Go and get the full comp, you’ll be amazed by the great work !


We’ve already dedicated a long article to Kuenta I Tambu. This time i’d like to draw your attention to Cafe de Calaveras who has released a beautiful unofficial remix of the track Jackhammer. Soft and mellow like a music box.
KiT – JackHammer (Cafe de Calaveras remix)


Dj Neber is great ! First because he’s one of the rare Djs (that i know at least) to keep working on salsa edits or remixes and because his prods are just lovely to play !

RICO BOOGALOO ( Dj Neber Reedit )


My friend Dj Zhao – the man who knows about music ! -, released recently that track that couldn’t go unnoticed ! Transy percussions, great voice effects !

Tambours Du Burundi – Uri Inyambo Burundi + Bush Man


I was really happy to come across that release from The Kid Vicious, Minneapolis Dj. I was pretty much surprised to hear a remix of French band Killtronik ! Honestly The Kid Vicious really managed to keep the French Touch feeling and using a good moombah beat makes the track perfect for a love moombahsoul session ! So if you guys wanna impress your Gfs/Bfs you know what you’ve to load on your decks !

Killtronik – Paris La Nuit (The Kid Vicious remix)


Grant Lazlo produced this beautiful track using Terry Callier guitar (i’d go for It’s about time ) and words of Marcel Duchamp, French born American Dadaist artist.
In his speech Duchamp explains the ambiguous relationship between the artist and his work ; often being misled in his judgement as he thinks he is conscious of what he’s doing
while it is the gaze of the “watcher” as much as the work of the artist that creates an artwork.
Grant Lazlo – Meant (feat. Terry Callier & Marcel Duchamp)

The King and Queen Surrounded by Swift Nudes, 1912 by Marcel Duchamp


I love this track from Я0M0R producer from Northwich (UK). The bassline is really groovy and the voice stabs are uplifting.

Я0M0R – Kicking Auld Styles


Killagraham producer from North Carolina has released this really cool DnB clubbing edit of Torro Torro. It’s been a while i haven’t some fresh DnB. Very happy this one came out !



The Fury…

Given the choice between the experience of pain and nothing, I would choose pain.


Teen Wolf and Shelco American producer from Las Vegas has released this huge bootleg. Pure bubbling trap fire !

Teen Wolf & Shelco-Clique (Bootleg VIP)


Rotbott is a discovery to me and i pretty blown away by his work. This remix is pure anger.

Kairo Kingdom – One Two (RotBott Remix)


Flore French producer and Dj has been known around for a while. Her prods are sharp, acid, angry as hell. And this one is no exception. This trap minimal flavoured remix of FreQ Nasty is pure art.

FreQ Nasty feat_ Tippa Irie & Solar Lion – Not Givin_ In (Flore Remix)


Javier Estrada impresses in every manner. First he’s a music stakhanovist ; i’ve never seen a guy being able to produce that many tracks with such a good quality. Second he really has imprinted a style of his own. Third well, he’s just a dancefloor arsonist !

The Trashman – Surfin Bird – Javier Estrada Remix


As i write this post, Javier has already released a few more tracks. So go and grab them when you still can !

La Union – Cover Moenia – Sildavia – Javier Estrada Remix




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