It’s been really busy around these parts lately. I’ve been taking Generation Bass live every week. Basically I take most of the new tracks blogged about here and on Sexxy Saturday Cumbia into a live setting and play them out at this hipster movie theater downtown. I found out doing this is an interesting way to see how people respond to your music as well as a marketing tool to send them our way. So far it’s been working rather well.

Also there is something big in the works with Vincent Koreman, Dee Jay Umb and me coming your way soon, something very big indeed. Once we finish up all the details I’ll gladly let everyone know.

I better get to it because there are some really dope tracks I wish to share with you.

Caballito has been really busy bringing new artists exposure lately. Their past few releases have been incredible. Now they’re back to it with a new release by Kid Cala.

I was immediately down with this album “Musica Pa Bellakial”.

The maestro DJ Neber never rests. His Missy Elliot edit is his new experiment.

Cherman produced this cumbia track for Cassette Blogs 2nd anniversary post. It’s a sick cumbia bass track. I’m downloading it now.

Yes the Captain returns with his awesome mashup styling! Mahsing the Rawhide theme with Busta Rhymes. This is only something the Captain Cumbia can think of and do masterfully.

Down in Oaxaca La Furia Con Lujuria owns the nu cumbia scene. Here is an awesome little promo video from them.

DJ Rickk is one of those guys that can make great cumbia edits of different genres. Here he is with a very very familiar song to me (Texano scene out here) Bobby Pulido. Sorry though this is only a short promo but I thought it would be good to share DJ Rickk’s work so you’ll check him out.

Reptilain Commander is one of those producers and musicians when everything they touch turns to gold. I love all of his productions. I have yet to be disappointed.

It’s always cool also to have something new from Stereo Revuelta. He has been a regular here on SSC since I first started. Actually I think I had him on my first post (but I’m too lazy to check and confirm).

Something deep comes in the form of digital cumbia from Alqosubbass. This is a very chill lounge track.

This is another masterpiece from Al Pacheco. This was on his recent release with Caballito.

Too dope for words is my review for Yyamil’s new edit.

Vamos A Comernos Eso!

La Gallera Social Club returns with their new single Mister Mister. This is a fun afro pop track but with enough cumbia for me to share it here.

The most massive epic sonidero mixtape comes from our friend DJ Broken Record. It features my favorite DJ drop I’ve ever heard, rebajada all the way.

4:20 Music Flavor joins with his friends Mashup Mexico on his new mashup.

El Flying Monkey Records brings us a new dope bootleg.

Here is their epic Brujjas Deejay vs Black Mandingo.

La Revancha has been making moves in the Paris scene with their parties. Here is a mixtape showcasing what one can expect from attending one of them.

Movimientos put together a mix of his favorite cumbias from 2012. This mix is really nice to hear. There are tracks on it that I myself escaped my attention this year.

Also in the form of a Mixcloud player I have the new mixtape by Pedrolito RadioGlobal with his salute to chicha and all that is Peru.

My good friends Los Chicos Altos returns here with their Palenque track released byWonderwheel Recordings.

I think Mr. Kanti W might become the new 3ball king soon due to all his dope tracks he’s been releasing. Here is his new one I’m really digging.

This is an interesting track I discovered by DJ Angel38. I need to research more about it and get back to all of you.

Hardcumbia is coming out more these days. I have a couple for all of you. First with Tropikore and Brujjas Deejay.

And second with DJ Broken Record’s track he produced for Cassette Blogs 2nd anniversary.

This was an interesting find as well. It is a unique song by Rene Torash. Fucking Cumbia Rock hmm…

It took me a while to find this cumbiahton by Disque DJ, fortunately at least I did.

Last up you on the post is the link by Vice. You should check it out. It is Toy Selectah and Mexicans With Guns together. Also there are a couple remixes included. I couldn’t get the html for the tracks to post here because they kept messing up but at least you can go to this link and listen to them there.

Well mis cumbieros that’s it for me. Expect me to be busy as always and always available in the scene.


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