Urban World Records in their quest to bring the best global bass around the world to the ears of the global bass fans, have found much success by the likes of their signed artist Kosta Kostov. Bulgaria born and Germany based Kosta Kostov restlessly delivers global bass rhythms, covering many genres,  to European dance floors.

On the 16th of November 2012 will release the new Kosta Kostov EP “French Wine” to the public. The third EP by Kosta Kostov was born from a spontaneous jam session at Kostov’s studio in Cologne. Influenced by soca, dancehall, baile funk and and b-more basslines, the two tracks  “French Wine” and “Peaches and Oats” are very fun and enjoyable party songs.

The corresponding videos have already been released and are really brilliantly produced. In my opinion I enjoy “Peaches & Oates feat. CBCC” slightly more than “French Wine feat. Killo Killo”. Though both are as I said brilliantly produced. They were produced and directed by my good friend Der Englaender and Andre Fritz. The videos consist of all the MC’s, singers and musicians involved in the original recordings.

Featured artists involved on “Peaches and Oats” are the members of Cologne Boom Chak Crew (C.B.C.C.). And on “French Wine” the feature Serbian MC Killo Killo.

Also with the EP release there are remixes. I have yet to hear them so from the minds of Urban World Records here are their words:

 Marcelinho da Lua’s (Vapa Records/Brasil) muted guitar turns ‘French Wine’ into psychodelic funky riddim, DJ Click (No Fridge/Paris) gives it a ravy new wave touch and DJ Lucio K (San Francisco) converts it into a irresistable electro baile funk. At last but not at least Cologne based Triplet Tricks brings ‘Peaches And Oats’ on the next glitchy Stepp level.

In my opinion both of these tracks are addictive. I find myself playing both videos over and over again and every time I listen they never wear on me. I can’t wait for the EP because I’m sure to play these tracks out as soon as I get them. You can count me a fan.

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