Following hot on the heels of our Dubstep meets the Blues experimentations with the brilliant Lord Cry Cry album we released last year, we now present to you yet another altogether unique and ground-breaking release!

So what do you get when you cross Fleet Foxes, Steve Earle, Mumford & Sons with Dubstep?

Well you get Alt-J but also you get DaveSamano, Generation Bass’ latest free releases recruit who paves a unique and altogether new direction for singer/songwriter Dubstep headz!

Real quality material here that presents great new possibilities for what serious and talented artists in the Rock/Country/Folk- Americana genres can do when they mix it up with underground dance sounds like Dubstep.

Yeah it could easily be Popstep/Rockstep/Luvstep/Voxstep but it’s all original well crafted material with exactly the right nuances of Dubstep to create a perfect marriage of when Rock/Folk meet Dubstep.

This really is incredible material and so miss it or ignore it at your own peril.

This is the kinda stuff that should be filling the stadiums worldwide!

Grab from his website:


Dave Samano is a singer/songwriter/producer/performer from Michigan. 

 “I am pretty D.I.Y.”

“I have minimal recording equipment, minimal live equipment, I dont use auto tune and have minimal guitars.  Honestly you dont need thousands of dollars worth of equipment.  Its nice, but if you have an imagination that your not afraid to use, a dream and you just keep moving forward, you will accomplish what you set out to.  Be it making a record, building a life, or changing the world.  All you need is perseverance and faith.”

“I began experimenting with the “step” soundscape about a year ago when I first got Ableton live and its been an experience ever since.”

“I basically have two live sets that I do. “The Green set”,(live DJ set) which is the “Folk-step” set were I use a midi controller to trigger tracks and sounds, while I play guitar and sing.  It could be described as a mix of Mumford and Sons meets Alt-J a “Folk-step” artist from Europe or just as easily to Alex Claire another “Folk-Step” artist from the U.K.  Or Bassnectar meets Mumford and sons, you get the picture.  The other set, “The White Set” is an aggressive folk rock set. Played with my band, Dave Samano And The Giants.”

“The Green and White set share many of the same songs, just interpreted differently.  I started producing this way because I didnt have a band and even though I am a singer songwriter and love folk, I have always been attracted to the energy of a live band.  Nothing beats it.  After being introduced to Bassnectar about 3 years ago I fell in love with the idea of marrying the two soundscapes.  Folk and Dubstep.  Id never heard of anyone doing it quite like I do, probably because the two generes are on completely different spectrums and it makes no sense.  Why not?”


My “Folkstep” is the mixture of folk inspired, flat top pickin, mixed with deep sub bass lines and gnarly mid tone bass growls.

Folkstep, takes the movement and energy behind the folk that I write, crumples it up into a little ball, compresses it and then forces it through your soul making it seem like you are being stomped on by a giant or lifted into the heavens.

Its meant to inspire, convict, and encourage, movement.  The movement towards our greater good.  The movement towards better stewardship of the Love and Earth we’ve been commissioned with.  Towards accepting responsibility for our own lives and environments.

Every song is written as if its my last, cause it very well could be.


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