Some kid with big hair who likes to make weird music. "Me dicen el desaparecido, fantasma que nunca esta."

Damn, as some of you know I’m on a hiatus until 2013 due to my health, but I just HAVE to post about this. There is only 1 release this year that I have been looking forward to for so fucking long – DJ Comrade’s ‘Favela Trap’ that’s gonna be out on 12/12/12 on Xao.

Baile Funk meets Trap. Now think about that for a second.
Yes, this already is a next level concept. But let me add something to the equation. The vocals are not sampled, they were approved by the artists or actual originals. If you are gonna do something might as well go all out. With features of Mc Creu, Doriva, Vakao, Maiquinho, Gus and Ceasar Do Castro.

If you think about the Baile Funk/Trap clash you probably have an idea of how it will sound right? Well, get prepared to get your fucking mind blown by DJ Comrade. I’m #obamatearing yet again – speechless!!! WHAT ARE YOU STILL READING MAN?!?! GO LISTEN TO THIS NEXT LEVEL SHIT!!!!!!!

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