“Frost” – This is a tune that was made for the Football/Soccer Stadiums of the world! – UMB

Generation Bass’ first SINGLE coming out on December 3rd!

We at Generationbass.com have been pushing the melancholic sound of modern music for some time now. Moombahluv, luvstep and all other things luv have always ranked high on our blog and our priority list. Trying to make the world a better place through music, that sorta thing. The next step is to dedicate a generation bass digital release to one of the finest tracks we’ve heard in this genre that Drvg Cvltvre himself calls Doomdisco. Generation bass has been posting a lot of material by this producer, one of those guys that creates so much awesome music that it’s hard to keep up.

Getting massive acclaim for his recent 12” on the legendary Viewlexx label and an album on his own Snug Life Records, Drvg Cvltvre’s rise to fame has been steady for the last couple of years. His edit series was highlighted by blogs like Xlr8r, Factmag and of course Generation Bass. We couldn’t wait to do something special with this guy.

For our label he drops a two headed monster! Side a, for vinyl purists, is a tune called FROST, which redirects your feelings right back to the golden age of jingly melancholic guitar driven pop of the late ‘80s like Echo & The Bunnymen, The Mission, The Chills and The House of Love. Driven by a shitload of percussion this tune leads up to an epic break which will bring tears to your eyes while your dancing your socks of. This is a tune that was made for the Football/Soccer Stadiums of the world! The track is kind of trancy and repetitive, but also slowly evolving and organic. The flip is a tune called GOODBYE COOLBOY, which has a deep 303 acid line and some very old school jackin’ house vibes. A slow melody crawls into the track and then at a bit past the middle, Drvg Cvltvre flips the beat and accents the offbeat in a way that is extremely funky. Excellent percussion here as well with a hint of the tunes of legends like Paul Johnson and Mike Dunn. Great deep and slow doomy disco and deephouse with a percussive edge!

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