Greetings blogosphere, what a crazy 2 weeks its been, in addition to the american presidential election, my home town has been completely devastated by mother nature.  All the while, I have been bouncing around eastern europe playing gigs and partying quite hard.  Of course I feel really conflicted about this, but not being at home and not having much financial profit from my “tour”, there’s very little I can do.  I can just hope that things return to a healthy normalcy as soon as possible.  In NYC my musical partner in crime for the past year or so has been the indefatigable DJ Tiger.  Together we are ‘MOMBASA!’  A few weeks before I left we recorded this mix and I am really satisfied with it.  Tiger, who hails from Far Rockaway one of the areas most severely damaged by the storm (, really brought it with some fresh new dancehall and funky house bangers, I rounded it out with some moombah and we finished the mix with some jersey, trappy type stuff.  Its a nice NYC mix, so enjoy and send ur best wishes!

Also I just got another mix from the New York/New Jersey homie DJ Reck.  Reck is one of the premiere moombahtonistas we have in the NYC scene right now, churning out remixes, weekly radio sessions with the #THREAD crew and holding a residency at our favorite ‘Moombaton Maxxin’ party.  This is a dope little mix of moombah stuff going big at some points and back to some nice latin stuff at other points.  If u wanna keep current with the moombahton scene, follow the kid…  Que pasa weon!!


This last mix is BY FAR the strangest and wackiest mix I have reviewed in my time here with generation bass.  Interestingly enough it comes from the guy who brought me into this position, andykisaragi.  I started listening and within minutes I’m scratching my head, what the heck is going on here…  I can picture a room full of beatniks and art school dweebs getting ornery and excited to Einstürzende Neubauten and Dvořák.  It’s just so damn werid, but to be honest I’m enjoying it thoroughly.  In fact I am about to go wander the streets of Istanbul and this is what will be bumping in my headphones.  Just dont let me near any absinthe, I might go cut off an ear…  Thanks andy.

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