Our second EP from Elonious called “Muses” was officially released earlier this year but now you can grab it for FREE!


Thanks to every one and there support, here is my last album I released on Beatport, now giving away for FREE!!!



Here’s the PR:

New Club Anthems by Elonius!

Award-winning global dance music blog Generation Bass proudly presents Muses, a new multi genre EP by Elonious. Ranging from 108-ish, club floor shredding moombahton to uptempo bass line driven house and electro, this is a very diverse offering in style and tempo from the Vancouver, BC located young producer. There’s some classical chilled out vibes on “Hard Goodbye’s” featuring vocalist Rose Black, some synth heavy late night clubbing vibes on “Freaky Lady VIP” and Elonious touches almost every style in between the two. Elonious (real name: Elon Sharar), proves to be a versatile producer, creating a perfect blend of hard-hitting dance floor vibes and catchy melodies.

Recent developments like Trap Music and UK Bass leave their marks, but omnipresent is the tearing, metallic sound of the wobble, a leftover from the dubstep and drum & bass days. Well.. leftover.. “Paranoid Shift” is actually a solid, straight up drum & bass banger! The new EP has a heavy focus on use of vocals, giving the tracks a catchy hook as well as dance floor appeal. A lot of stuff on here could easily be played on radio, is all we are saying. If most radio had better taste that is. EP closer is the whopping 9 minute original version of “Freaky Lady” that takes you from the 20’s swing era all the way to the distant future in sound. It’s easy to see why a young lad like Elonius has gotten so much support from Dj’s in all different sorts of genres over the last couple of years. He switches styles with an ease and feel that is the mark of true talent.

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