I actually covered this a couple times in the past. One of those times was when it was first uploaded to Soundcloud, and I reviewed and shared it on my Sexxy Saturday Cumbia post right away. But I feel it deserves a little more love.

The guys of Cumbia Cosmosnauts are hard workers in a place where cumbia is scarce save a couple other cumbieros in the area, specifically our good friend Jack Posada. Once again I’ll point out that Tropical Bass Station is scheduled to be released by the always brilliant label Chusma Records on the 23rd of November.

The cumbieros from down under really deliver something nice with this album. My favorite by a considerable amount is “Tribal Amazonico”. It features the powerful vocalist Deize Tigrona. Her voice is used more as a rhythmic instrument which I found really interesting and quite affective.

Also they get into some cool afro-beat influenced tracks like “Radio Africa feat Tshila”. And to show off even more diversity in their sound they go very digital and heavy bass-wise with “Big Sound feat Congo Tardis”.

With “Colombia” I found it to be quite unique with what I decided was a mixture of cumbia, dub and chicha, making for a really diverse sound.

Check it out here and get ready for the release in less than a week away.

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