I must say I’ve been looking at life through a more positive set of eyes this past week. It’s been an interesting experiment so far having a live set all limited to songs featured on Generation Bass. If I am going to advertise then this is the way I wish to do it. It’s uplifting to see such positive responses to a lot of the nu cumbia tracks that I play, all which were of course shared here on Sexxy Saturday Cumbia the prior couple of weeks. It’s always nice to see that it’s possible to build a good scene around music that I love.

Though I still run into problems trying moombahton out. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Upon talking with others I find the best way is to sneak it in late in a mix so people don’t know that it’s moombahton they’re dancing too. It seems this is the way a lot of us, at least here in the States have to do it. With Pickster’s Moombahton Massive coming up next month I sincerely hope it works out well. We’ve had a few good moombahton parties but this is the biggest venue in Phoenix that it has been attempted in. But I can say one thing with total honesty, if there’s one person in Phoenix that can make it happen it is Pickster.

Besides the great local music news, it seems my lifelong dream of the United States wanting to break apart and secede separately from the Union might be something I’ll get to experience in my lifetime. Each state has petitions going around to propose secession and it’s only been a week so far with a lot of signatures in most of the States. This could be quite exciting indeed.

I wish not to digress into a big political discussion like I have been known to do in the past. Let’s get to the cumbia!

I’m going to start with my new one. Not because of nepotism between blogger and producer but because it’s a slow one. I’m trying to push my sound even further into cumbia chill out. I want to see how far I can go and what I can make of it.

And immediately I speed things up with this awesome ‘Serpiente Negra’ edit by Panikoo. I covered the album release of Los Chinches earlier this year. It is an excellent nu chicha album. This edit makes it hit a lot harder while keeping the chicha essence.

Faithless meets Boozco Bajou in this mashup from 4:20 Music Flavor. Mass Destruction has always been one of my favorite Faithless songs. It’s interesting for me because I spent sometime a couple of days ago revisiting Faithless’ music catalog and then this appeared.

Mapache DJ made a mix similar to my style of mixing. This is a really dope live set. I’m grateful he uploaded it for us to experience.

Cumbia house style isn’t the easiest thing to pull off but Tirana Caravana does so quite well with ‘Yo Soy La Cumbia’!

Spike Devil Disco joins me in on a quest of pushing cumbia digital farther than our minds can currently imagine. He is a step ahead of me with his new track ‘Cumbia Sin Nombre’. It’s an excellent sonic journey into the unknown expanding cumbia universe.

Alto Peru is on the live instrument end of things and they are among the best out there in my opinion. I would love to see them live with Olaya Sound System.

Wow this edit hits hard and deep with the bass and takes me on a trip with the heavy delays. I absolutely love it. All thanks to El Mulato and his edit of ‘Corazon’.

Well Jack Posada managed to produce my new favorite ‘Los Destellos’ remix. As he says in the description Los Destellos were the pioneers of cumbia in Peru mixing huayno and psychedelic surf rock guitar. Jack Posada breathes new life into his favorite song of theirs ‘La Cumbia Del Japones’, not that it needed it but it’s always nice to keep classic music relevant and fresh.

El Gato Deejay returns to us with his new production. Minimal in nature and heavy in sound ‘Piola’ will definitely sound good on a great system.

Gianko calls this ‘cumbia hipster’ which I think is a perfect name. It’s an mashup between Famasloop and El Remolón with a cumbia touch.

The second album to be released by Masilva is on its way. Due out the 21st of November, ‘Condor’ is a wonderful musical collage of Colombian rhythms with a lot of Peruvian influence. I can only imagine why this is, is because Masilva’s roots are Colombian but now living in Lima, Peru he adopts the Andean huayno and chicha influence of Peru. I have a more in depth review here on NCE.

Finally one of my favorite cumbiero DJ’s came out with an epic album release. I don’t want DJ Neber to ever go unnoticed so I’m going to always push his edits out everywhere I can as long as he keeps uploading new stuff, you can count on it. Here is his dope collection of edits to feed your cumbia hip hop cravings.

A new interesting challenge has been created by my good friend Cybernetiko. He is an excellent keyboardist for his live cumbia band Grupo Klons. He put together some stems for free to download for Ableton users, He wants anyone who wants to, to download them and produce their own unique track based off of them. I’m helping by having all the productions featured on my Nu Cumbia Experience blog as a release as well as re-published here on Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. We’re giving everyone a month or two to dig in. Expect me to bring this back in a few weeks for anyone who missed this post.

The stems can be downloaded here http://www.mediafire.com/?fg3kybud51d14d2.
Please let me know when you have yours uploaded so I can include it in the collection for the release. For a taste of what the stems sound like, I uploaded this demo track to my Soundcloud.

We’re very excited to hear what people come up with!

The cumbia drum and bass hero is Add On de Bass. No one delivers cumbia like this guy does. They are intense and very well done.

There is a new band at work in Madrid. Their name is Ovni Guarajé. I had the pleasure of speaking with member Jesus Molina Vegas earlier this week. It was a pleasant chat and we can expect more releases from them in the near future. Here is their first video.

Peru is seriously where it’s at when it comes to the dopest DJ’s and producers. I have yet to hear one from Peru that I don’t think is incredible. I know that’s a big claim but that’s just how dope they are down there.

Here is Chulkilion’s new intense cumbia dub.

3ball is dominated by the likes of Sheeqo Beat and Eric Rincon but I think they have a challenger when it coms to Mr. Kanti W. Not only does he produce really dope 3ball but he takes cumbia to new levels too. Here is his marriage of the two.

I choose to end this Sexxy Saturday Cumbia post with a unique and lovely mix from our friend Derbastler. Mixing nortec and nu cumbia, this mix is chill and electronically delicious.

All right mis cumbieros I’m going to take these tracks out and see how they stand up live in Phoenix. My guess is they will do rather well.


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