We’ve seen our young Den5hion come onto the scene in a variety of different ways. If he’s not seen as Den5hion then he is alter ego Siete Catorce. When I first heard his cumbia based tracks a couple of years back he truly blew me away. I found myself annoyed (in the best way possible) trying to figure out how someone can approach music the way he did. I was annoyed because my brain didn’t quite work the way his did, he was always at the place where I wanted my brain to be.

Now he’s dropped some new incredible tracks. They can’t be limited to any genre nor can I really find a way to link the genres associated with them. There’s just a little bit of insanity, or actually rather a whole lot of brilliant insanity behind them. Den5hion now lives in a cloud of digitalism as he DJ’s long sets as a resident now in Mexicali at a venue I really need to visit soon. Because I just have to see him perform live with his APC 40. Any fellow Ableton performing nut like me will be drawn to such a gig by such a DJ.

First up is his new track ‘Aretes de Buho’, a sub bassy sonic journey awaits you with this one.

Also he has a new set, a neurologically stimulating salute to the planets, and who better than Den5hion to produce such a salute.

Download all three songs from this set here http://www.mediafire.com/?7ctra5x142j1c9c.

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