Away from the hordes of so called “EDM” (bs term) DJ mixes full of the same Dubstep/Electro/Trap/Moombahton/Moombahcore tracks, this is a refreshing break back into the future.

This is Burialesque in all its glory harking back to the great golden days when Dubstep was such an exciting proposition.

The sound is not new but I luv the fact that he stuck all these great tracks together in a Future Garage/Post Dubstep style, together with awesome movie quotes making it sound pretty POST-APOCALYPTIC!

Been on heavy rotation at UMB Towers the past few days, one of my fave mixes of this year I would say for it’s sheer escapism from this world and also from tired sounding “EDM” culture.

I luv “journey” type mixes, that’s really my very own forte too, and this takes me on a great trip!

What he says:

Detailed track listing, including download links and quote sources, is listed right here:

Cover art photography by (and of) Helene Kenzo Rey

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