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Talented duo from Lithuania, couldn’t be left unnoticed ! We asked Vytautas, one of the members of the band to say a few words about their music.

“We took part in a competition for a remix of one of Zeds Dead‘s tunes in September.
Zeds Dead – Cowboy (Red Mlk Remix)

During the past week we finished two more compositions, entitled Ay and Only Bee.

Red MLK – Ay

The latter is sort of trap-sounding bassline-driven and heavily looped vocal tune with the return of the “Amen” break, while the first one is kind of harsher “jump-around” moombahcore.
Red MLK – Only Bee

Producing is a beautiful process.
Each time we are trying to look for a sound that is different from what you would normally expect, kind of work our own way around the given frame. That is what keeps us going and warms our souls.
It is always early to talk about future until it comes, but we really enjoy producing, working together, searching for new ideas and experimenting with sounds, so most likely and unfortunately, you will hear from us.”

We hope so guys,  so keep the good work !




Don’t let these guys get too close to you ! Their hot vibes are contagious !

Released on Mal Dicen!, Latino Resiste‘s sublabel this great 3-track EP is certainly going to shake the round curvy parts of your body in the wildest possible manner !


Bonde Do Role & DJ Chernobyl – karate colombiano


Get the full EP for free HERE !! (Thx to Caballo for that ! )




Karolis Rimkus from Vilnius- Ophex the angry man -, has made public his track, famous for those of you who’ve been banging their heads on the sets of Munchi or Dave Nada (no less !)

Ophex – Perigo




Pure hotness !!! Once u’ve started listen to this huge minimix you’ll just rush to Big’n’Hairy website to get the full EP as each track is a banger !

Mash Up International – Lava Cabeza EP Minimix

BH19 Mash Up International – Lava Cabeza EP




I’m super fan of that remix ! D-V3KZ, from California has certainly found the good way to start the perfect riot ! Uplifting drum beat, amazing synth ! Blow yo’ F****N’ horn !

Rick Ross – Hustlin’ (D-V3KZ Remix)




Producer from Denver got it ! Can’t you feel the heat of that Molotov Cocktail ?

Rico Tubbs – “What You Know About Bass” (Timeline Remix)

I couldn’t resist ! Here’s his other remix of Bootsy Collins. Delicate and rough. The flute is there in the back, the vocals, everything blended to the insane drill of the dubstep bassline !!

Bootsy Collins – “What’s a Telephone Bill” (Timeline Remix) late night steezy



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