I don’t need to preach about love and respect here. I don’t need to preach about how it is morally wrong to take the life, property and liberty of a fellow human being. I don’t need to preach it because I’m convinced everyone who reads this blog agrees that it is immoral to take another person’s life, property and liberty. I also am just as strongly convinced that everyone who reads this blog practices love, and I found at least among the cumbiero family that most are pretty respectful to each other even if there are disagreements from time to time. The same truth is for the majority of the world’s population. The average person loves and doesn’t want to steal from, kill nor enslave others. Regardless of what your news stations and newspapers tell you, this is the true sentiment among the majority of the world’s population.

The news you read or hear about American citizens is incorrect. The same goes for Israelis and Palestinians. Also for Mexicans and Germans and everyone else on this planet we inhabit. This misleading news is the only reason there is unrest between people and poor opinions. It’s only a small few whom declare the wars and enforce the false news. I have hope for the human species though; we are more connected than ever before. In the United States and everywhere else there’s them and then there’s the rest of us. The majority of the world consists of the ‘rest of us’. And ‘they’ (them) are afraid because they can’t control us like they used to. It was much easier to spread propaganda before, now we are more skeptical. We are more willing to believe our friends in other countries then what our own government tells us. And that’s great. FUCK THEM! Enough with the immoral violence! No matter how they try to spin it, the violence is immoral. To take property, life or liberty from another is immoral.

I don’t need to preach here about morality because we are all moral here, like most of the world’s population. No matter what ‘they’ tell us, I believe this to be true. So let’s remove them from power and influence. We can all believe and practice our religions, or not practice any at all. We can do so respectfully. And if it were up to us, we would already be living in a world of peace and prosperity we all wish for. But wait, it is up to us. We are too connected now all across the world. ‘They’ are doing the best they can to convince us we need them with fear tactics and hateful propaganda. I honestly have faith we will all wake up to this and take the illusory power away from ‘them’ and live in the world we’ve always wanted to live in, in reality.

I apologize to those who are here and find themselves to be annoyed by my writing above. To them I apologize and attempt right now to make clear that this is not about politics, economics, religion or me taking any sides of any group. This is just philosophy and the only side I am taking is the side of reality and truth. And this past week we’ve been witnessing a lot of hate and terrible lies.

So on to the music we go…

Terror Negro Records is on the top of my list when it comes to my favorite labels. These guys work hard and work a lot. They’re always coming out with new amazing EP’s. This time it’s DJ Chakruna, also one of my favorite DJ’s. His EP ‘El Sonido Brutal’ was just released this past week. On it are two originals and two remixes. And as usual with a free download.

For Cassette Blog’s 2 year anniversary Orihuela M.S.S. submitted this crazy and fun edit of Grupo Sonador’s ‘El Paso Del Gigante’.

This kid showed up a couple of days ago on my NCE Facebook group. I’m very pleased he did because this is sick. El Guero Unico brings you Kido El Unico.

Captain Cumbia and Pedrolito’s ‘Cumbia Irie Contest’ is going pretty well. The songs so far are very fun. And as usual the Captain produces some of the best edits around. Here are three of his from Toots and the Maytalls, Gregory Issacs, and Olivier Corre.

It doesn’t stop with Captain Cumbia of course. Here is his opponent with his answer in mixtape form, Pedrolito!

Would any of you like 43 free downloads? Well if you do there’s one place you can go to find them. Caballito’s 3rd ‘El Graveton’ installment was just released. You can get them from their site or you can listen and get them right here. Congratulations to Caballito for their hard work supporting the scene with some of the best producers and DJ’s around.

Another one on Cassette Blogs anniversary post comes from Relo with a enjoyable little cumbiahton.

Derbastler can always be counted on to bring us the best in Eastern Cumbia Balkanica tracks. Here is his latest remix.

Our loveable friends from ‘down under’ are back on the scene promoting their new album ‘Tropical Bass Station’. Of course I am speaking of Cumbia Cosmonauts. Never boring to watch, these guys bring it to the stage and to the inter-tubes with their visually stunning fun presence. Here they are in their new video for their song ‘Our Journey To The Moon (And Back)’.

Our Journey To The Moon ( And Back ) – Cumbia Cosmonauts from jeanpoole on Vimeo.

I have a couple new tracks from the great Pernett from ‘Carribean Computer’. First is a track with Un Mono Azul and Fauna Christian, called ‘El Camino de la Percepción’.

Also ‘Me Dejé Tragar’.

I have a few very different – from each other, remixes here. First with Jupa’s recent mixtape upload. Jupa covers a variety of genres with some really cool tunes on this mix.

Next up is a mixtape I know quite well, because I made it. This is a live recording of my first set last weekend. It was for a lounge setting so I kept it really chill.

And now onto something completely different we go to La Sonora Tech Housera’s mix of unique cumbia-house.

Last up for the mixes is Dany F’s salute to some really great classics.

Since we’re on Dany F at the moment, check out his new deep cumbia track. Dany F owns this unique sound.

Even Yelram Selectah has a chill out side to him. This is quite lovely. I think I’ll play it out tonight.

Oh yeah DJ Neber returns again. I can’t get enough of his dope hip hop cumbia edits.

His catchphrase is ‘Que Retumbe!!’ If you don’t know who I am referring to than you are one of the very few. It’s Albert DJ Style with yet again another masterful edit.

Ahhh this is too smooth from DJ Pase, a new edit that goes deep.

Now this is very beautiful and smooth. I will most definitely without a doubt, be playing this one by Aroek Berumenout a lot.

My friend Piper Street Sound released these very nice two tunes recently. They are the same but two different versions, equally great.

Here is a really nicely done cumbia hip hop track the people in any audience will definitely dig. It’s from MC Guille with his first time here on Sexxy Saturday Cumbia.

I missed this one until very recently due to being in Mapache DJ’s set I featured here last week. I’m glad I got to download it because I really enjoy it. Here it is from Cumbia Drive.

Well mis cumbieros that about wraps it up for this week. I hope my intro wasn’t too depressing. At least the music here is great to lift up one’s spirits.


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