Debut EP by East Midlands UK Moombahtonista Disgraceland on Nada’s label and it’s one full of Deep Techy vybz with a strong European Club underpinning.

Title track is the strongest and most developed of all the tracks, which shows what great promise this experienced producer has yet to bring to us all in the imminent future.

You should buy it cause in the glut of Moombahton releases, it really stands above many of them and is perfect for a deep club session.

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Steam the mini-mix to get a flava:


Moombahton has always been a genre based on influences whether they be
dutch house, dubstep, or dancehall. Very few have tried to take it into the
deeper realms that the genre can possess … until recently. This is where
Disgraceland comes in. Known to his family as John Stanhope, the producer
is no newbie to dance music. Having been born in the UK, a country rich with
clubbing culture, Stanhope found an early love and career in drum and bass
before embracing house and techno. When moombahton caught his attention
he was immediately excited and began working on combining his multiple
influences into the genres’s BPM range.

The EP title track “Been Lean” opens the release with beautiful synth stabs
that warp and morph around you as it’s energy gradually picks up; a perfect
way to start a set. “All My Zero’s Are Greater Than Your One” is an amazing
slice of dub techno while “Bet You Don’t” explores darker territories… like the
dancefloor of Berghain. The EP closer “Standard Reflex” let’s you down
gently with soft stabs and keyboard riffs but a great bassline to keep your feet
moving if you aren’t ready to leave the dancefloor.

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