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I was again lost in the sea of sounds – which is not always sound -, not sure about what i’d find, but then…


Maria Gadú – Axé Acapella (Rafael Baska Remix)

I chose this song because the lyrics have a very profound and important meaning to themselves, they’re about the reality of the Brazilian people. I really can identify with it’s message, so I finally decided to do a remix of it. Since I didn’t have all of the singing a capella, I tried to replace the missing parts with melodies and percussion, always looking out not to lose the original smoothness of the song.” Rafael Baska.

Rafael is a Dj from Brazil, based in Germany since 2009, part and parcel of the Mash It Up! party and dj for the Akua Naru & Digflo band. Since two years he’s also been getting more into producing music, focussing on production itself and mixing organic music with electronic elements.

His remix of Axé Acapella of Maria Gadú has this deep housy feeling, craftily arranged with beautiful percussions in the back and sweet jazzy stabs.


Boogaloo – It’s Not OK But Alright

This track was started on the day Whitney passed away, so we had this one going around for months…and now, well now, it’s time to unleash our original idea based on the “it’s not right but it’s ok” song! Much Love RIP!

Boogaloo guys are real good. They can start a track in a very simple manner, making it sound like a nice sweet housy tune but will always find the way to surprise us by including disonances, light congas on sides, sort of goodies to collect and increase your delight.


Stevie Wonder – Superstition (The Flexican & SirOJ Moom Remix)

That remix of an immortal classic should easily find its way to your decks and be one of the future gems of Moombahsoul Djs’ mixtapes !



Melo-X who recently worked with Jesse Boykins III onto the production of the great Zulu Guru album on Ninja Tunes label also released this wonderful remix of Yuna‘s track Live your life.


Obeyah made a pretty interesting work on this Wacka Flocka track preserving the original aggressivity and this mysterious from out of space synth. The addition of a discreet but very enthralling drumbeat gives a nice push to the song.

Waka Flocka – Grove St Party (Obeyah Kuduro Juke RMX)
Dead Clouds by Andreas Kauppi
Life Happens by Ester Rada

Superb project by Israeli-Ethiopian singer produced by Sabbo & Kutiman (no less !)

Beyond the song supported by the strong voice of Ester Rada, we find many great references to ethiopian jazz (Mahmoud Ahmed – tell me i’m wrong), psychedelic pop, in fact every event in the track is a journey from one genre to another. You can get the full EP here for cheap price and in high quality format.

Kulun mankwalèsh by Mahmoud Ahmed


Well, yes i couldn’t resist. The remix is already fairly known, but it’s just that personally it’s exactly the image i have of that mythical America – whatever the reality is -, a world made by solitary travellers in melancholic open air sceneries sometimes crossing the path of others like them as the lines of the palm of a hand.

Lifeline by Citizen Cope

The original track was released almost two years ago on the album The Rainwater LP.

And the remix, strong, aggressive and at the same time subtle enough not to spoil the original ambience.

Citizen Cope – Lifeline (Figure Remix)


Ok and this… is… exceptional ! Wonderful, amazing, superb, more beautiful than yo’ girlfriend (no ok, it’s not, ok)

Cumba Mela and Nickodemus have thrown a new party in NYC called BomBeat. To celebrate this they’ve released a this great 6-track EP, a masterpiece ! The EP is rich of multiple influences, you can feel the heat, the joy, the melancholy, the dust beaten by dancing feet.

Pa Lo Monte – Anaisa (Atropolis Remix) from BomBeat EP

“Bayalibuza” (Thornato Remix) from BomBeat EP

Jeremy Sole’s Musaics “Skalypso Vamp” (Nickodemus Remix)

The Ep is for free, you’d be silly not to get it ! Just follow the links !




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