The paulista funk culture is now in a video documentary.

The funk carioca and spread around the world when he landed in Sao Paulo, took on a new format. The format about ostentation, talk about brands, cars, labels, gold, womans and a lot of money. São Paulo is one of more rich cities of Brazil, and maybe for that reason, the funkeiros sing what they want and what they have.

Or because the economy of Brazil is growing up so fast, that is possible to a guy in first job, buy a new glass of R$1.000,00 of Oakley.

We don’t know, but we have this video with english subtitles to show this scene to world! You can see this, as second part of Favela on Blast, but now from São Paulo not from Rio de Janeiro.

Ostentation Funk – The Movie (English subtitles) from Funk Ostentação on Vimeo.


There is also, the SoundTrack of documentary:


Isn’t the first that we spoke about the scene of Funk Paulista, check this if is your first time about this topic.


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