Last week I was a little dark and was overwhelmed with a feeling of dread for the future. But life managed to reinforce my faith in the natural order of things. Sometimes I just need to sit back and let good things happen. Last week the bloodshed in Israel/Palestine was really concerning me and weighing heavily on my heart. I didn’t expect a win/win scenario to unfold. The U.N. voted in favor of Palestine to have a seat there as a non-member observer state. The USA felt embarrassed once again when the REST of the world didn’t agree with them.

To make it a win for the USA is all due to our arrogance and threats. We threatened to cut financial foreign aid to nations that voted for Palestine’s seat as well as Palestine itself. To cut funding to countries that hate us is a threat? To whom? Well this goes to show you the kind of monkey’s we have running our government. The same people that think money doesn’t just grow on trees but it also appears out of thin air.

Another victory was the Senator of Kentucky Mr. Rand Paul pushing for an amendment to the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), the second worse thing Obama pushed on our nation next to of course his desire for committing genocide by way of un-manned drones. The amendment passed for our citizens, the next step is to completely abolish the NDAA altogether. It’s unconstitutional and inhumane just like Obama himself.

With the coming fiscal cliff everyone now agrees to see coming, Obama will surely go down in history as the worst president in United States history. And not because of his skin color, but because he not only continued Bush’s wars and deals with Wall Street exceeding Bush’s tyranny tremendously. Skin color has nothing to do with anything except it’s an easy tool to use to argue against anyone who opposes him. (Makes me ask the question, who is the real racist in that scenario?).

All right kids sorry, I had to get that out of the way. To show my solidarity with a Palestinian state and disgust with murderers like Obama.

I promise no more politics and instead promise some great new cumbia tracks to share with you this week.

My friend Ale Cassis dropped this nice little tune a few days back. I’m definitely going to play it out a lot. It’s perfect for mixing and a great transition into or out of a cumbia set, or even right in the middle of a deep cumbia set.

Here is a special treat for all the many Sonidos Profundos fans. I am certainly one of them. I find I play a lot of his tracks because they’re just too damn good. Here is a little mix of him performing live in the Terror Negro Records studio.

01. Gordos y flacos (sonidos Profundos dumbiaton mix) – Los Wemblers
02. La de Perú – Deltatron
03. Linda Yolita (DJ Chakruna Remix) – Los Titanes
04. Agua de coco – Tribilin Sound

La Inedita’s ‘Fayah’ is one of those awesome jams that everyone knew would be a hit for them during their first listen to it. Kinky Electric Noise brings it back to our attention with a very dope remix.

Here is a very cool video of a band called Checkpoint Guanabana residing in Berlin. They feature live instrumentation, vocals and DJ backing. I expect to hear and see more of them in the near future as they blow up.

Qechuaboi is back here with a couple new tracks. First is a Super Gauchin remix that sounds really cool with his digital touch. The other is something that justly represents the sounds Qechuaboi is popular for. Therefore it’s damn good too.

One of the kings of remixing is El Timbe without a doubt. He brings something exciting to all of his remixes. Here is his new one of Cero 39’s ‘Plastico’.

I can’t express in words how happy I am to hear some new stuff from Nice J in Osaka. He’s back on here with his new awesome tropical bass remix, representing the tropical scene in Japan.

This is just simply lovely. I can’t wait to share this with all of you. From Mezcal Sound System it’s a beautiful cumbia edit.

The smooth digital sounds of Polymiller once again grace the pages of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia with a new dope cumbia digital track.

I find it difficult for me to go one weekend without posting a new DJ Neber track. This weekend is no exception. Here he is with his awesome cumbia hip hop style.

Add On de Bass returns with yet another brilliant cumbia dnb driven piece.

Soy Cumbialectro and so is Zoonido.

Riddim Kommander comes along with a cumbia edit of King General’s tribute to the desire of being rich like Tevye did.

This is like a cumbia-dub-rebajada mix. It makes for a nice spacey sound. Though not all the tunes can be categorized rebajada, the same goes for dub. It just features a bit of them.

MC Guille is one of those awesome cumbia hip hop DJ’s. People will really dig any of his tracks live, especially this one with Dre and Snoop.

La Selva Radio is a show my friend KayGee performs on weekly in Madrid if he’s not in his hometown of Bristol. La Selva can be heard live every Tuesday from 8pm-10pm Madrid time. The link is in the mix.

KayGee features a good variety of tropical bass tunes. Check out this recent live mix. He’s a gringo/guero loco like me.

Yahmedle is a friend I’ve had a great pleasure in getting to know this past year. He’s always messing about with his synthesizers creating dub, reggae and crazy cumbia digital. Here is his latest track.

Kookaboora Von ….Lars3n rolls with Yahmedle. His sound here is a nice deep cumbia dub.

Cumbirichi is the new moniker of Andean Illicit. He decided to reserve his Andean Illicit name for his house and techno tracks and use Cumbirichi as his cumbia digital name. Here are a couple of tracks from him to get his new moniker started.

From KONN records DJ Subversivo released this free gift of a mix featuring ancient ‘primitive’ sounds with a modern touch. Click on the link to read more about it and to download the free mix.

Well I’m finished with this week’s awesome collection of great cumbia. Stick around and come back for more as we continue to discover this crazy world together.


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