Burial has had a massive influence on so much since he has been on the scene and this dude from Russia, Delete, takes huge inspiration from the Burial songbook to craft a duplicitous sound that owes so much to the main man himself.

I quite like this stuff, albeit it lacks the emotional warmth and punch that Burial delivers in his music, but it’s not a bad tribute at all and def worth checking out to mix in with or play alongside your Burial stuff!

This is def Post-Apocalyptic!

Here’s a taster:


Delete – Is the alias of a Russian producer who makes experimental electronic music which can be described as something between ambient, dubstep & future garage. In his tracks he refers to the country’s past Soviet history: music, movies, newsreel footage – all of this finds its reflection in Delete’s music, which allows him to discern his self from other producers, working in a similar direction. Delete tunes are often played by Clubroot, DFRNT, Nocow, Solitude. His long awaited debut album will be released on Red 12” vinyl which comes with the full album on cd and a code to download all the tracks digitally. The Vinyl has two extra remixes which are not included on the cd. These remixes are made by DFRNT and VVV which are both well accomplished producers in the genre.

You can find a short promo video here:

Grab a freebie exclusive to GB:


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