Portugese producer King Kong is the most consistent of all Moombahsoul producers by a long way, each track he flips is just incredible!

He is most certainly top of the Moombahsoul league, hence he is the King 😉

I’m not a big fan of Craig David at all but his influence on garage is un-paralelled from a commercial viewpoint and King Kong flips this track into an awesome beauty!

Here’s what he says:

Hello all.

I made this track for the Legitimix competition but i was stupid as fuck and i passed the deadline to send it .. so i’ll share it to you all for free (like everyone should do !).

Hope you can dance, make love, and party while earing this because i had a lot of fun and danced my ass off making this !

Shout out to Craig David for being such a great singer and an awesome perfomer, love you Craig !

Acapella : Craig David – Fill Me In

Cheers !

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