I originally posted this on my blog Nu Cumbia Experience, but I felt it was also quite important to share it here too. So this is a reblog.

Oscilador Latin Bass gives us a special gift, the gift of sonic time travel. The music off of his Latin Bass Mex mix is of the future. He has always been a few steps ahead of most of us taking cumbia to the level of science fiction. His stage presence is also way ahead of our time. His gift for us is this futuristic look and music collection.

Cumbia + Dub + Science Fiction is the best way for me to describe the sound of his mix. The other good, no the great news, is that it’s free to download.

All you have to do in order to begin your sonic time travel experience is click on this following picture and then click on the picture on the site it links to. The rest will happen for you.

Here is a list of the tracks.

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