[The cool girl in the pic is LADY GREEN]

Following on from my Cremoso TecnoBrega Mixtapes over the past couple of years, I thought it was time to do another TecnoBrega mixtape of some of the other dudes in the game.

Spurred on by Haaksman’s brilliant compilation, which is my album of 2012, I drew inspiration from that and also from some of the tracks I’d collated on our blog posts from the past few years.  So I put this together as a celebration of this infamous genre from Brazil that for me just seems to be growing from strength to strength!

First version of the mix that I laid down was too long and so I thought I’d do a second edited version.  This version RocKs!!

Recorded Live on Pioneer CDJ’s 1take/1cut.

TecnoBrega RocKs – A celebration of the great TecnoBrega (cheesy tecno) genre!

🙂 on yer face!

Big, Big dues owed to :

DJ Waldo Squash/Gang Do Eletro – A lot the tracks on this mix are down to him, this dude is another genius alongside Cremoso!

Jaloo whose “hipster” type of TecnoBrega is really cutting edge and different!

Joao Brasil, we’ve known this dude for a few years now and in fact he graced the first ever Generation Bass party at Incubate, Holland, back in 2009!

There is a BUY LINK for the Haaksman compilation on my mix and so go and buy it!!

An innovative Brega Bass track on the mix also comes from our dude Omulu, watch out for his EP on Generation Bass in 2013!

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