[Artwork : Steve Camacho]

So here we are now with our Volume 4 of the Moombahton Free Series!

This time we go with some Transnational Moombahton vybz which stands amongst some of the best I have heard thus far and surprisingly it comes from UK production team Beach Club & Relic.

They do an awesome job of creating 2 mighty numbers for this free EP.

“Gone East” is a trippy number that pays tribute to the Middle East and you can just imagine listening to this as you’re riding your camel like a nomad and watching the sunrise in the desert.  Beautiful and a great opening number to any set/mix!

“Bollywood Bass” goes to India and owes its heart to the Punjab with its sweet Bhangra stylings.  Exceptional enough to grace any Bollywood/Bhangra party or film score!

This duo hail from the UK, not exactly sure which part as they like to keep it secret and I’d never heard of them before until a few months ago when they sent me these tracks, which just blew me away.

With these 2 tracks these boys are slowly rising to the top of the UK Moombahton scene cause it’s simply the best stuff I’ve heard coming from UK Moombahtonista’s, ignore them and their fabulous music at your own peril!

Grab the whole EP HERE!


Hailing from the sandy shores of the UK’s west coast, Beach Club and Relic have been hard at work in an underground bunker by the beach (location undisclosed) and have collaborated on a number of twisted big bass anthems with an Eastern twist. Fusing the organic nature of the Eastern instruments with the raw power of UK bass music, this duo show no signs of slowing on the their productions. With future projects to be released in the Moombah, Trap and Juke arena make sure you keep a close eye out for these dudes.




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