You know, I am honest, like really honest. I can’t lie even if I tried. I’m not honest in the way where I say rude things for no good reason, not that kind of ‘New Yorker’ honest, if I have nothing nice to say then most of the time I’ll just keep my mouth shut. But I’m honest in the way like when I go to my bank with a check made out to my ‘side’ business company’s name and the bank teller asks why I didn’t have a business account for the company and would try to get all the checks made out to my name so I can deposit them in one of my personal accounts (I say ‘one of my’ because for bizarre reasons I seem to keep opening new accounts without closing older ones. I have a serious collection going). On this occasion I forgot to have the check made out to my name instead of the company’s. I answer honestly because I can’t lie. I press my luck by explaining that I’m avoiding taxes. In the United States ‘taxes’ is a bad bad word. We’re taught from the earliest age just how bad they are. That might help explain some of the U.S. mentality to any of you living in another country. And to avoid paying taxes in the U.S. is a common thing most of us do. And it’s seriously punished if we’re caught. Yet here I am again exposing myself online on an international blog. That’s what I do. I’m good at this honesty thing.

Look up one of my favorite categorical imperative philosophers, German philosopher Immanuel Kant, and you’ll have all that is ‘John Newell’ explained to you. I don’t lie, or maybe I’m a profound liar… I’m not, I don’t lie, well except to the government of course.

I’m going to start this weekend with a few very different mixes. First is Kinky Electric Noise’s live-recorded mix featuring some of the years best nu cumbia. This mix would be a great one if I were to summarize this past year’s nu cumbia in one go.

Dice Beat’s mix is full of cumbia sonidera love. This a pure Mexican mix of great tunes. I really love sonideras so it works well for me.

Anacaona is just one of the names Paola Torres is known by. She runs a great show in Argentina, one that I learn a lot from. She covers a lot of Latin tropical music. If I were to choose one person to explain the roots of the modern tropical music she is exactly the person I would turn to.

Here is an eclectic mix of some great tropical tracks.

From the Rio Grande Valley in the great state of Texas (I do really enjoy the state) there is a group called ‘Personal Use’. This track was recently exposed to me. It’s a cover of The Knife’s ‘Heartbeats’. It’s a beautiful cumbia-reggae cover and I absolutely love it.

One of nu cumbias big innovative players is Yelram Selectah. His productions always come out very interesting as he connects old ideas with very new musical ideas and trends.

Aye Aye is a new project from Mexico City. I think I know who is behind it but I have to ask him first before I make a conclusion. That said, Aye Aye is releasing some very new cool and interesting nu cumbia tracks. So far they are very cool edits.

Here is also a new cumbiero on the scene. I’m glad more and more people are getting into nu cumbia production. From Bolivia, Villa Victoria Sound System comes out with their first cumbia digital track and it’s a pleasure for me to share it here with all of you.

Albert DJ Style has a side project called ‘Sonido Explosion Boriqua’. So far the tracks are mostly classics rebejada style. It’s like the down tempo version of Albert DJ Style.

Piper Street Sound returns here with something really truly interesting. A remix of a Sega game called “Shadowrun”. He utilizes different Eastern rhythms along with dub and cumbia.

Peru is really truly where it’s at when it comes to bizarre and awesome innovation. Panikoo is one of the bizarro producers. This is his new cumbia remix of a dancehall tune.

The nu cumbia giant Pernett has just released a new video for his song ‘Al Caribe Volveré’. I know it’s not cumbia but it’s too good not to share.

Andres Digital shared his EP ‘Messages From Outta Space’ with the cumbia community this last week. It features mostly previously released (and reviewed here) tracks but also contains a new one.

‘Todo Me Gusta De Ti’ was one of the first cumbia songs that I made an edit of. So it holds a special place with me when I hear other edits of it. This one is by Snow Balderas. It’s awesome, simply awesome.

El Mulato is on fire with his new productions. Every week recently I’ve been sharing his music here on SSC. And here is another delay-happy cumbia.

My friend Cybernetiko once again graces us with his beautiful cumbia presence. He is always all original with his work and in my opinion he is one of the best at mixing electronics with cumbia. A true nu cumbiero.

What can I say about Dengue Dengue Dengue! that already hasn’t been said. I write and talk about these two masters quite often. They’re always going to be my ‘go to’ example of nu cumbia for anyone who asks me what nu cumbia is.

Dj Neber is bad (Michael Jackson bad). But you already know how much I love his cumbia-hip hop edits.

It’s a real pleasure to have Sonidero Simon back here on SSC. Check out his new track ‘Cumbia Boliviana de Noviembre’.

Bioimicrant is new here to Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. He was introduced to me by Wizraeli. He messaged me with an interesting story about how we conceived of his new track. You can read it in the description on Soundcloud.

From the Pa Changas collective in Mexico this fun experimental track found its way to my attention recently. I can’t call it cumbia because there is so much going on in this wild ‘Peter Gunn’ cover.

Ese Cabrón released his debut EP ‘El Temblor’. I think we have someone very interesting here. On the EP are several remixes from the likes of Javier Estrada, Sonidos Profundos and Chakruna. And to have those guys be willing to remix for your debut really means a lot.

Well that wraps things up for this weekend. By the way I want to mention that Soundcloud has become really strict when it comes to commenting. So the past couple of weeks I’ve only been able to comment on a few of the tracks on my SSC posts because after a certain number of times Soundcloud thinks I’m spamming. Even when I try to change the wording on the comments they stop me. So I can’t comment on all the tracks, yet. I’ve been contacting them to try to change this but haven’t succeeded yet.
Okay cumbieros stay honest and stay cool.


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