This awesome EP is dropping for free on Xmas Day as 1 of 2 freebies that we’ll be dropping in yer Xmas stockings on Xmas Day.

It is not going to be a WHITE Xmas but indeed, a GYPSY one!

1. ShazaLaKazoo – Merava Mindzake (The Binary Cumbia Orchestra Remix)
2. ShazaLaKazoo ft. Hornsman Coyote & St.Sevqet – Ava Kari (SuperStereo Remix)
3. ShazaLaKazoo ft. MC Gi – Sai Fora (Chong X Remix)
4. ShazaLaKazoo – Brasshopper Plague (DUBOSMIUM “8-Bit Brass” Remix)
5. ShazaLaKazoo & Chernobyl ft. Suppa Fla – Zica Memo (Loud n Clear Remix)
6. ShazaLaKazoo – Aleva (DJ Chiflamicas Remix)

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