My fellow Generation Bass’er Indian Jones presented a bit of’s  visual/music productions before here on Generation Bass. This time I take a turn in doing so as well. A long time ago I would experiment with very basic visuals over music and just about everyone “didn’t get it”. And That is perfectly okay with me because if they don’t “get it” then the videos are not meant for them.

Puracrema focuses mostly on shooting girls laying around and doing just a bit more than nothing at all, and it works, at least with me. We’re such an odd confused species as it is. Why not just cater to our true nature with music and visuals? If you can come up with a good answer for that question then please by all means I request of you to comment below with your profound message. If you’re like me then you’re doomed. But if you’re like most other people then you’ll most likely enjoy what Puracrema does.

The reason behind why I decided to share this new one is because it’s closer to me. This time it’s of our boy genius Dénima (Den5hion/Siete Catorce). He has several monikers for only a few of his personalities. Dénima is the most experimental. When he strays from Latin roots and brushes with radiation and pure sound waves, we get Dénima.

I’m editing in some more information here:

In my haste to write this post I had forgotten a very important fact that I knew very well. Dénima is not a one-man act. Actually it’s a duo with Siete Catorce and his partner André Pereda. As I said I knew this but I simply forgot as I enthusiastically wrote this article. I apologize sincerely to both Andre and Siete Catorce for my mistake. I didn’t want to simply edit what I had written because I feel the words describe accurately my opinion of Siete Catorce and his work. However Dénima is a unique duo and should be recognized as such.

To get to know André Pereda more here is a link to his Soundcloud Biudda (André Pereda).

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