Gato Preto one of the most promising band on the Global Bass scene released a few days ago a superb EP, including remixes from great producers : Rafael Aragon, Cafe de Calaveras, Kuenta I Tambu (KIT), Dj Emil and 2Irie x Tropikore. On that occasion we asked a few questions to Lee Bass, one member of that outstanding duo ! Read and enjoy, these cats are tigers !


“About a year ago i did this beat which later became Tschukudu so i thought okay it sounds a bit like kuduro, a portuguese rapper would be cool. Since Gata Misteriosa and i lived in the same town i knew she could rap and is from Portugal. I figured out her number and we recorded the song. Later we decided to do more music and bring up a live show.”




TSCHUKUDU by Gato Preto


Tschukudu EP (which features B’Crazy from Swiss) is available for free and in high quality on Gato Preto‘s Bandcamp page ! Another Tschukudu EP with remixes from Flore, Hanuman Tribe and Access Denied can be bought HERE !



“Our sound is globalbass music. If you dig deeper our main influence are African styles, old ones and new, like kuduro and azonto. We take these and do our own urban twist with them. We combine them with modern club styles like moombahton, house and breakbeat to give it a drivin twist.”




What is Azonto ?? Check the video ! (Thx Lee !)

Azonto Fiesta (Official Video) By Sarkodie Ft. Appietus & Kesse



“So mainly we were very very lucky to have people who believe in our music. More than we thought – in our music and live performance. The word spread that we could really play good shows so festivals contacted us.”





Gato Preto LIVE @ Oslo World Music Festival 2012

Gato Preto Summer LIVE 2012


Mc Zulu has been a huge influence and driving figure in the globalbass circus and i have been a huge fan of his music. Alexander from TropicalBass blog invited me to a Facebook group were i hooked up with him and sent him some layouts and he recorded the vocals. Then one day Sean (the Bumps) was putting up a party in London so we said let’s go there and record a video for this tune while he’s there. And that’s what we did. We currently work on another tune with him and Flore.”

Gato Preto feat. MC ZULU – Musica Di Gato Preto

Musica Di Gato Preto can be downloaded HERE in high quality for FREE !

“It wouldn’t be fair to just comment on one or two of the remixes cause they are all very unique and show to people the world of globalbass music. It’s even very hard for me to describe the different influences hahaha. Remixes are all blasting!!! “

“Our videos always have a concept behind. If you look at Tschukudu the visual image one would have of Africa is totally destroyed and you dont know where we shot the video. What all videos have in common: they have a very strong visual message behind it in different ways and they should underline the message of the song. Stay tuned ! The next one will be something very different and we will push boundaries with it (haha)”

Gato Preto – Tschukudu


Links :

Gato Preto on SoundCloud

Gato Preto’s official website

Mc Zulu’s official website


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