my homie charlie wears many hats and has a number of monikers, chuck wild is also known as captain planet and he also runs a blog known as mixtape riot.   a steady source for all things groovy, funky and frequently foreign its one of my most reliable places to check for new stuff.  this mix he did for brooklyn radio doesn’t fail to disappoint, and any mix thats got arthur russell at the top of the track list is winning in my book.  charlie, holla at ya boyeeeee!



this is an old(ish) moombahton mix from dj sabo which i just came across.  if you arent familiar, sabo and moombahton are virtually synonymous.   his label sol selectas is a good example of all things right about moombahton, shying from the moombahcore sound and often hailing to moombah’s cumbia and ethnic influences its a great label and this mix from sabo is really fantastic.

recently my homie dizzy in austria put me on to the boiler room videos on youtube where a bunch of english people set up a camera, dj decks, and then start dancing to some dope club music.  i really really want insert some clever dig on english people not being able to dance or having funked up teeth but the words escape me, sorry.  um well, this mix here is from jamie xx whos a giant from the world of indie rock with his band “The xx”.   its a cool kinda chill out listen, with lots of heavy sub-y type stuff in start, and the second half of the mix he gets pretty eclectic, even dipping into some afrobeat and disco type stuff.  also a beautiful alicia keys exclusive at the end, very nice!



holla at the kid!!!!




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