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The great thing about blogging is that it gets you modest. Digging in the net to find gold tracks raises your (good) standards. You ask yourself questions about the kind of music you wanna make, the one you don’t want to imitate, but go beyond and then still accept that some peeps will do better than you, mostly because they are dedicated workers and spend an awful lot of time composing, playing, researching. It also shows you that some composers stick to their style, whatever the flavour of the moment is. They are decided to follow their path and if it doesn’t exist they will make one. Finally it’s like life and love : we love girls in many different ways despite what (bad) standards dictate us, curvacious, slim, chubby, angry, discreet, passionate, cold… They’re beautiful in the way we look at them and the way they look at us, in that love shares a lot with music, this intimate relationship drives us in the same manner. And if that relationship doesn’t exist then their is no music, no art.

Je crois sincèrement que le tableau est autant fait par le regardeur que par l’artiste.” Marcel Duchamp.


Whiskers Po

The man once you knew for this :

has come up with a new face, a new music, a new inspiration ! So goodbye Greg Po (we miss you though) and hail to Whiskers Po, friend of cats, defender of smooth sweet purring beats !

“This past year, I found myself growing tired and unimpressed with EDM music. This battle for “filth”, this-who-can-make-the-heaviest-sound contest just wasn’t as appealing anymore because it wasn’t evolving. In the beginning, it was this energy-driven smack to the face and it was such a fresh departure from the pop-house I was hearing at the time but I am honestly just not so into it anymore.”

“This disinterest in filth was overlapped by the emergence of trap music. As we know, trap can be in its own right very heavy and aggressive but I wanted to show a lighter, more sensual side. I started looking at the things I used to like before that – soul and RnB with densely layered melodies and emotional vocal hits, classic hiphop with organic instruments such as saxophones… I wanted the music to be smooth with soft elements and yet still retain a strong energy. I just kind of combined those ideas and went along with where the tracks took me.

Whiskers Po – First Class [FORTHCOMING ON #TOMCREW 12/21]

“In terms of specific figures that influenced me, I would have to say that sounds from (but not limited to) my friends the Westside Schmucks, Nadus, (the Brick Bandits in general), Sweater Beats, Tanner Caldwell, and Heartbreak’s softer stuff all gave me some direction in my music.


Ackeejuice Rockers

I was really happy my friend Niko from Overcooked Records got me into Ackeejuice Rockers. These guys from Venice have this touch that can transform an original into a superb artwork. Despite the fact that it’s winter here i can really feel the sand under my feet and the heat of the sun above my head ! so listen and grab for free (or not it’s up to you) this beautiful track.

Mavado – Carribean Girls (Ackeejuice Rockers remix)

Proper Villains

I was pleasantly surprised by this track by Proper Villains. The prod is really sweet with tender vocals, a beautiful piano line, and a nice complextro dubstep arrangement. You can access the track for free by visiting and liking the artist : fair price if you love the music.
Proper Villains – Pixy Stix


Mc Zulu

Great Mc Zulu had this super idea about having an “album in progress.” Everytime he finished a track he adds it to his BandCamp set until he feels it’s good enough to be an album, then releases through distro ! Love Machine is a real cool track slowly starting with a heavy beat accompanied by the outstanding voice of Mc Zulu then followed by the loud bassline and aggressive synth line ! Divine Inspiration, the second track, has this uplifting flavour i love about tropical tracks. Listen to it and all your worries suddenly vanish !

We also remind you that Mc Zulu has a Kickstarter-like project that deserves some support, just because :

Level 1} Screw You Zulu, You Arrogant Bastard | Price $5.00 or more

REWARD: I will insult you via e-mail for not listening to good music, and still living with your parents. I will also send you the rest of the project for free as it is made. Your name (not amount) goes in the album credits and in the CD liner notes when it comes out.

Come on guys it’s not every day that you get bashed by Mc Zulu !!

Love Machine (Album In Progress)



Caballo made this lovely edit of Empire Isis’ Nana Power. First it cured some of my ignorance as i didn’t know Empire Isis, then it made me go on a wild booty shake (i sell the video for cheap !)

Empire Isis – Nana Power (Caballo Edit)

And guess what ? The track is for FREE !

Nana Power – Empire Isis (Caballo edit)


Big Dope P

Big « Super » Dope P is back with an impressive remix of German Dj Tagteam Terror. Hopely i’m French so i can pretend not to understand the lyrics Doppie used ! Akuna Matata b**ches !

Tagteam Terror – Talladega (BIG DOPE P’s Jet-Ski Remix)

The full 4-track EP :

Tagteam Terror – Talladega [Moveltraxx, 2012]



Using Gwen Stephani‘s intro vocals on Hollaback Girl the guys made a pretty nice work, blending it to a summer anthem melody of their own.

⇩⇩⇩ TH!S SH!T !S BANANAzzz!!! ⇩⇩⇩


John Baldessari’s Brain/Cloud artwork (2009)


Ckrono & Slesh

The two Italian producers released on the occasion of the Legitimix competition held by Sabo&HeartBreak a lovely tune with a deep lounge atmosphere. The kinda track that gets you in the club with your friends, grab a few beers and start nicely the party !

Ckrono & Slesh – Contour


Captain Planet

Captain Planet is the badass of world bass music. The quality of his releases are astonishing and depict a true personal style.

The track recorded in Spring of this year is at the origin an old folk song from Zimbabwe. The guitar licks you can hear are actually for real and played by ChigiyoMaster who is the lead guitarist of Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited. About the band Captain Planet has kindly accepted to share a few words :

Thomas was one of the first African artists I started listening to when I was a kid (a friend gave me a cassette tape). For me, getting to work with him was a HUGE honor. I just tracked him down online and kept calling him up until finally he said, “why don’t you come up here and we can make some music”, so I got a plane ticket!

Expect us to post more about their collab ’cause the result is going to be awesome !
Chingata ft. ChigiyoMaster


The 13th Tribe

I always appreciate listen to Khevin de Leon, the 13th Tribe, work. It’s original, classy, shows his personal perception of sound and music, his talent as a true musician (love the bass !).
The 13th Tribe-Start The Healing ft Kinich Coda

We strongly suggest you to follow the 13th Tribe updates as Khevin is releasing every day a free track at the moment !

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