I apologize to all of those people out there that I slowly or don’t get back to. I’m not evolved enough to process a lot of information at the same time while I maintain memory banks full of things I have to do, ideas to work with and just about everything else that requires memory.

This is what I normally do. I have hundreds of index cards floating around, behind and deep inside my desk where I work. For some reason I have convinced myself that index cards with weird phrases are the way to go. I’ll explain with an example. When I get some grand idea for a topic to write about or a project to pursue, I decide to write it down in a way that I will remember everything about the idea. This doesn’t always work because right now I’m staring at one index card that I reminded myself to look at with another index card. And on this index card there is the usual phrases written from all angles. What I mean by all angles is that I write all over the place, sometimes in a row, but most of the time in order to read one index card you will have to turn it around in circles because the words are upside down from each other. On this index card I wrote something that goes like this “He’s really talented though, despite his name.” I remember writing this and thinking that this phrase will remind me of everything I needed to be reminded of on a topic I wanted to write about. But for the life of me I have absolutely no idea what the hell it means. I remember telling myself to remember but I can’t crack the code of what the phrase means.

Therefore dear readers I’m insane, insane enough to write phrases all over index cards that are completely unorganized, and insane enough to wait in a long line with people dressed up like Hobbits and Elves in order to watch a midnight 3D presentation of ‘The Hobbit.’ So I apologize for my insanity and poor memory if I haven’t responded to you. I can’t remember whom I haven’t responded to so I can’t list specific people to apologize to. But I know you’re out there and I’m sorry.

This is where I want to start the cumbia round up. A video graced the timeline of my Facebook group of a band in Mexico City. Citrico Azul specializes in exposing local underground bands throughout Mexico on the web. This video is of the band Perro Agradecido. It is a cool low budget video of the band performing their chicha and psychedelic cumbia songs with interviews in between songs. I honestly thoroughly enjoyed this.

My favorite cumbia recently uploaded has to be ‘Silvestre Partis’ by Villa Victoria Sound System. It’s a pretty sick track all the way through.

Derbastler is featured here again with an instrumental track for their mashup track ‘Back In My Hometown,” which makes for a great track to use in mashing up with something else live.

Following up with more Eastern Cumbia here is Derbastler’s of Rotfront.

Captain Cumbia likes The Fugees. My favorite memory of the Fugees was when Dennis Miller introduced them during some awards show way back in the day by calling them The Fudgees.

Charmed Axx Noel is definitely someone to watch for. His cumbia productions are really intense and innovative. The best way to explain what I mean is for you to listen. Here for example are two of his newest.

A really, really good mix comes by way of Perro Ki. This mix goes in and out of cumbia, dub and dubstep featuring some of the best tracks of the past year.

Perro KI // the dub side of perro ki by Perro Ki (Aka M10) on Mixcloud

Albert DJ Style is one of those cumbieros I can always count on to make great edits of classics. I like his edits a lot actually, they breathe new life into the music from the past.

Taking us somewhere very new and different is Armoniacida. His new track is a deep dark bizarre journey into cumbia and trap. It’s a remix of a song by ‘Henry Goes Down’ off of his new EP Llorana.

And here is the original by Henry Goes Down off of ‘Llorana.’ In the near future I will explore this EP further and post a review on Generation Bass, so stay tuned for that.

My friend Piper Street Sound returns here with another excellent track from his EP with his brilliant transnational band ‘Dialect Trio.’ It is called ‘Funky Clarkston.’ The EP features the trio along with Yaya Brown on congas.

Our friend Oscar La Saveur is featured singing on this brand new cumbia track by Sigsonbia called ‘The Night Goes Cumbia.’ It came as a pleasant surprise to me.

We now revisit DJ Pase with his cumbia-hip hop edit for ‘Movimiento Emperrado.’

It has been a pleasure getting to know Damo Naimad’s productions this past year. He’s involved with three projects and one of them is called ‘Kumbia Poesia.’ Here is their beautiful nu cumbia digital tune.

I’ll go back to trying to remember what the hell this phrase on my index card means now.


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