It has been a very busy year for both Dialect Trio and Piper Street Sound. Dialect Trio has knocked out several EP’s this year all differing in style greatly but all of the highest class musicianship and production. Piper Street Sound has even been busier with all the brilliant EP’s and remix albums we’ve had the pleasure of downloading and even being a part of this year.

Now Dialect Trio is at it again, following their genius Desert Blues EP they come with a whole different sound. This time it’s straight up funky. Funky Clarkston consists of heavy funk and afro-beat influences. The outstanding trio is accompanied this time with a couple of very talented percussionists. I had the pleasure of having Santiago Junca record some conga work on a collaboration I produced along with Piper Street Sound earlier this year. This time Santiago’s superb talent can be heard on the timbales. A new comer to the trio is percussionist Yaya Brown. One can hear his craftwork on the congas and auxiliary percussion. Yaya and Santiago with Dialect Trio makes for an excellent group of musicians, a group I would be incredibly lucky to work with if ever the day comes (I’ve worked with them a little bit but not with Dialect Trio entirely).

There are a few very special cumbia remixes, one of which I featured on last Saturday’s Sexxy Saturday Cumbia, along with a couple nice dub remixes.

It’s a perfect way and a perfect EP to wrap up Dialect Trio’s intense musical year.

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