In about 10 years of working in the music business I have encountered a lot of talented, creative, artistic people.   The brother Tunacola is one of the craziest, deadliest, freshest I have ever come across.  When I first met him at DJ Caso’s crib in Santiago de Chile in 2009 he was posted up at the computer funking around with a 2 second vocal sample.  I stayed at that flat for about 2 weeks and in that time this guy never stopped messing with the same little sample.  When I finally heard the debut Tunacola and Whale album, it all kinda made sense.  One of his new projects is Estrellas del Tropico with percussionist, singer and producer Papito.  This mix runs wild through the gambit of Latin Electronica, stepping in Electro Cumbia, 3ball, Moombahton and even a quick dip into Balkan.  Get familiar with all their  projects; Estrellas, Tunacola, Papito and (my personal favorite, heh) Chomba Boom!

Last November I visited Lisbon, Portugal for the first time and played with Mario and Tiago who are BOOGALOO.  I asked them if they would qualify the music they produce as Tropical Bass and they said they like to call it Bongo House.  This here is a mix they did for Funkhaus Europa Radio.  It’s super dope as expected, these dudes make some really really quality music.  About 40% of the mix is their own original tracks and remixes.  I look forward to hearing more from these guys and maybe even seeing them on this side of the pond soon??  #beleeeeeza

I had a really dope third mix lined up for this week but in the hustle bustle of everything I totally forgot what it was, and I’m still pissed about it.  Then this morning my homie DJ Morsy shared this deep house mix.  I started to listen, did some yoga, answered some emails, and chilled the FUNK out!  Well MELOKOLEKTIV, thanks for providing the soundtrack for me to calm down and get some sh!t done this morning.  Plus that Robsonic, The Edge track is HEAVY!!!  cheers…

happy holy daze folks!!!

next week my TOP 3 mixes of 2012…  NAW FUNK DAT, my top 3 mixes of ALL TIME!!!

peace, loki






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