At times, you all know I have a penchant for blogging almost anything that I like, outside of the narrow confines of Transnational Dance Music.  Here’s something that I luv so much that I want you to know about it.

This is what blogging about music is all about for me!  Discovering great new stuff that just makes you feel something special within and here’s something that fits that bill for me tonight, on the eve of doomsday (we all know we’re still be here tomorrow, so f**k that).

It’s an artist called “Keel Her” – aka rose – who is a rad gal from Brighton who is just the definition of dreamy lo-fi gorgeousness!

When I heard this, I fell in luv with it straight-away!

It’s probably one of the best things I’ve heard all year and the video is a blast too!

You can grab this gorgeous track from this EP at Bandcamp at a name your own price alongside a whole bunch of other stuff she has done:

You can also grab loads of freebies from her Soundcloud too:

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