Great new track from the Amazonian Warrior Princess, Zuzuka!!!!

It’s from her upcoming EP produced by Kush Arora!  It’s a wicked edit by Nego MOcambique, brazilian badman and funk maestro.



Psicodelia o baile pegou fogo foi la na periferia

A vida la no ghetto, tem a comunidade lutam por um respeito e tb pela verdade
o pvo e unido quer a tranquilidade se guerra e violencia fechou com a irmandade
se a guerra e la no morro ou la no oriente seja ela onde for ja matou foi muita gente
ela tambem foi fria e continua quente um dia, um dia a paz vai chegar em nossa mente

quando olho pro pro ceu e vejo os fogos de rojao e tao psicodelico sera que um balao
mas na realidade nao e deus nem aviao so tiroteio e bombas gente caida no chao
sera que vai salvar a gente da situaçao sera que robin hood, sera que lampiao
se e sonho ou pesadelo , mas parece ficçao, e psicodelia passando o arrastao


Psychedelia the party catch a fire in the ghetto

The life in the ghetto, the community is fighting for a respect for truth and the people are united they don’t want war, they want tranquility and no violence, ended with the fellowship if the war is on the hills of rio or in the middle east no matter where it has already killed many people there was cold war, but today the war still hot, one day peace will come in our mind

Psychedelia the party catch a fire in the ghetto

I look up in the sky and see the fireworks and firecracker so psychedelic i may think it’s a balloon but in reality it’s neither god nor plane, it’s just gunfire and bombs and people dead on the ground who will be will save us from that situation ? will be robin hood, will be lampiao? if it’s a dream or nightmare, but it seems fiction and psychedelia sweeping through everywhere

Psychedelia the party catch a fire in the ghetto

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