If you are expecting me to, or worse yet, hoping that I start this post like all the 1,000,000 + other bloggers with a little quip about how we survived the apocalypse, if you are expecting me to say something like that please do me a favor. Get up from wherever your computer is located, walk outside, find a busy street full of traffic and lay down in the middle of it. Please I beg of you! You’re predictability and sheepleness is driving me insane. Thank you, you’re truly doing the rest of us all a big favor.

For the rest of you who don’t want to read anymore “funny” and “clever” Mayan apocalypse quips, you are the last hope for humanity. When you are all gone then there will be an honest true human extinction apocalypse. That day seems to be coming faster each passing year with our onslaught of social-experimentation game shows, “reality stars,” and the awful narcissist playground Twitter. I do have hope for the species though, don’t get me wrong. It just seems like a losing battle between the intelligently creative people and the people in charge of things along with their flock of blind followers.

I’m in a good position here on Generation Bass. I get to expose the talented and creative people. At least I’m not writing for MTV or some other mainstream entertainment space telling you what to like, instead I’m here showing you something you may like and am open to any criticism. We’re forming these underground sounds together. And that is something quite special.

Here is something interesting for you. My friend the cumbiero Cybernetiko is sharing some stems for free that he recorded. He wants to spread them around and to see what the nu cumbieros can do with them. Here is the track for you to listen to in order to get ideas.

I would really like to get some cumbieros on board with this project. So please download away and send me your tracks so I can put together a special post with all the mixes of the project together. You can download the stems here at Cybernetiko-Global.

Some more freebies come from our good friend Turbo Sonider Futuristico. He layed down some sonidera breaks perfect for live sets and remixing. You can download all of them for free on this Soundcloud set.

Now onto the new music I will start with a remix by Turbo Sonidero Futuristico. A very interesting EP was released by Sanchez Dub called ‘Where Are All The People Now?’ Dee Jay Umb took care of the EP on an earlier post which you can check out here Sanchez Dub – Where Are All The People? But for more exposure of Turbo Sonidero Futuristico’s remix I will repost it here on SSC because it fits this post too well.

I also have some holiday cheer coming your way thanks to Mezcal Sound System. I’m not the cheeriest person during this specific holiday season but I have been trying my best not to expose my Grinchiness (I’m dark, more of a Halloween guy as you might have guessed based on earlier posts). Here is some charming cumbia to warm up your hearts though.

Yyamil really delivers with his cumbia remix of Kumbia del Rio. It’s a perfect track to drop into a live set.

More dopeness as expected comes from El Mulato. He is another one of those producers we can always count on to deliver the goods. Slow and intoxicating is the best way for me to describe this track with words.

Pedrolito hasn’t been taking any time off when it comes to his weekly nu cumbia mixes. He’s someone in this genre I can always count on being there and that thought alone makes me happy. Here is his newest ‘Dale amor a la Cumbia Que la Cumbia te lo Devuelve’ mixtape.

Dale amor a la cumbia que la cumbia te lo devuelve #39 [18.12.2012] by Pedrolito Radioglobal on Mixcloud

TropiKool is the newest release by KONN Recordings and the genius Colombiano Dany F. I’m much more into the electronic and deep underground these days and Dany F is simply one of the best producers for me to listen to. TropiKool has that Dany F nu cumbia sound that I love along with his equally brilliant take on champeta.

I don’t need to stop here with Dany F. Not when he keeps the goods coming. Here is his newest of the new remix tracks from him.

If it wasn’t Pernett I might be reluctant to post a Mayan sci-fi song. But it is Pernett and Pernett is always awesome. And to say the least this song is really sick and needs to be here on SSC. The only downside is that it was a free download yesterday only and now you have to purchase it. Maybe you can ask him nicely but I suggest supporting his hard work by purchasing it.

A true beauty comes from the minds and skills of too geniuses Rafael Aragon and Morrocan vocalist Jamal Nouman. This is simply the most beautiful track released this year. Rafael and Jamal compliment each other incredibly well as their individual unique talents shine through brightly here on their new song ‘Cumbia Touria.’

One last parting holiday present I have is from La Tirana Caravana. They posted all their EP’s of 2012 for free to download to celebrate the end of a fruitful La Tirana Caravana year. I’m sure we will hear much more this next year. But go here to download all three of the 2012 EP’s La Titana Caravana All EPs 2012.

Next year is going to be exciting for all the cumbieros and Generation Bass readers. We have a new design coming, a summer cumbia compilation release and much more to look forward to. It’s going to be a very busy year for me that’s for sure, but a good one. Next week will be the last post of 2012 and before that if I find myself not being too lazy, I’ll have a post of my favorite albums released this past year. I’ve been preparing for that post for several months now actually. I’ve been keeping a list (I just have to find which index card it is on).

Pretty much sincerely I hope you all have a good holiday.




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